Reality of Addiction

September 3, 2008
By Shalyse Swift, Bethlehem, PA

Sara Moyer is a 17 year old girl who loved to party and go out and stay out late and pretty much do whatever she wanted, behind her parents back. She wasn’t the deliberately bad child who spoke horribly to their parents, and didn’t care, she was sweet to them, on the outside. She kept all of her separate life a secret until one day her parents started to catch on to what she was doing, and they sent her to a therapist, to get some help. During one of her sessions, the doctor asked her to close her eyes and explain her worst memory. Here is her story.

“ It was about 6 months ago, I was volunteering at a homeless shelter, that I met my friend Ashley. She seemed pretty cool, we were both interested in the same thing skateboarding, sports, the usual. The we met this kid Matt, like 10 minutes later, and the three of us kind of, stuck together for the rest of the day. When we finally left the shelter we were hanging out in the parking lot at the Pizza place, when this guy in these orange jeans, and this tie dye shirt, and this orange jacket, with blonde spiky hair walks up to us and asks us for a cigarette. We don’t have any because we don’t smoke. So he looks at us for a minute and says” “My names’ Jay, you guys wanna ride and get something to drink?” “At first I didn’t but Matt talked Ashley and I into it. So we all got in the car and went to the Liquor store and got some Vodka and some regular beer. Then we went back to the Pizza Place and drank in the parking lot. While we were drinking, we weren’t talking at all. We just sat there in complete silence swallowing and passing. Then right before we left Jay come out of nowhere and says…” “ You guys wanna meet up later, go to some parties, raves maybe? I know basically everyone.” “ Like idiots we all said yes. So the next day Jay texts me the address of the party, it started at 11:00 so I wasn’t going to go, but then I thought. Why not? I am always doing nothing, I’m gonna go and have fun. So I snuck out of my window and met up with Matt, Jay, and Ashley outside of this old warehouse. We walked for maybe 10 minutes and then on this dark street, in this dark building, we walked down maybe six flights of stairs and we opened the door to the definition of freedom, A rave. There were lights and music going everywhere. The people were fun, and it seemed like it could go on forever, because it was basically underground. Jay introduced us to some of the people he knew were throwing it. We all became very close very fast. I didn’t get home until 5:00 in the morning. Pretty much every day after that The four of us kind of formed a little group. Not a gang we weren’t killing people or even fighting, just partying. We got into just about any club you could think of. We got free drinks and weed, even a little dope. But that’s not the worst. See Jay had a connection to something in pretty much every part of the world, we were about to find that out the hard way. About 3 months after we all met, Jay asked us if we would fly to New York with him for a whole week of the biggest rave/parties ever. We all were so far into kahutes with each other we were dieing to go. So I convinced my parents that it was a school trip for art. They even bought me the ticket. So three days later we were in New York, when we got the news. The cops revoked the permits for the guys that were throwing all of the parties for the first three days and they are being watched like hawks so they can’t throw it. But we were I the party capitol of the world, so we had to do a little something. Here’s where it gets bad. Jay went to visit his aunt who lived in Brooklynn, while he was there her16 year old son Jaime came home. Jaime sat down and him and Jay began to catch up. Jaime attended Windsor Academy(Private School) on the Upper Eastside. Jaime told Jay about how he won class president ,and was given his own desk in the school office, a name plate, and even his own key to the school for early morning meetings and when he stayed late to work. So after dinner when Jaime was in the bathroom, Jay slipped into his room and stole the key from his back pack. About an hour later, while Matt, Ashley, and I were waiting at the hotel for Jay to come back. He text me this address and asked us to meet him there. When we got there we saw that it was a school, and Jay was around the side waving us to come in. When we got inside we say that Jay was in his boxers. He took us to the pool and there it was. Our very own party, All of our friends in New York were there swimming, and drinking, and smoking, and having a good time. We all stripped down and jumped in. We had so much fun. About 3 hours later at 2:00 in the morning, we all decided to move out of the pool. So we cleaned up all of our stuff and went to the library. There were about 20 of us then, our other friends headed home for the night. Then we lit up and smoked and drank a little more, but we weren’t drunk, had had a good time. Then all the sudden we heard this sound like keys jingling. We thought it was security, so we turned the lights off and cleaned up everything. Some of us were even wiping things down that may have had out finger prints on it. We were all ready to leave, when we heard the sound again, so Jay grabbed a huge book and the plan was for him to hit who ever it was and we all run. But when we opened the door, He thought he saw something and he threw the book and hit a window on the door, and it broke. The alarm started to go off and we all just ran as fast as we could. After about half a block the 20 of us split up, some went home and some went to other places. The four of us ran for about two more blocks and then stopped I an alley. We were all mad at him but it was over what could we do. So he apologized and we all went to hide in this bar where, of course, Jay knew the security. After about an hour, We left the bar and stood out front of it for a while. When my mom called me to ask how my trip was going. I didn’t want her to know I was outside at 4:00 in the morning so I walked to the back of the building by myself. After about two minutes I hung with her, and this guy asks me if I want a cigarette. I said no thank you and he got a little mad. He said…” “ Take one.” “ I turned around to walk away when he grabbed me by my hood, and threw me on the ground, he got on top of me and tore open my jacket. I screamed as loud as I could. Jay, Matt, and Ashley ran back to see what was wrong. As he saw it, Jay ran up and knocked the guy off of me and told Matt to see if I was okay. Jay went up to the guy and started beating him, he kicked in his face so many time all you seen was blood coming out of his mouth and nose. Matt grabbed Jay and said..” “ Let’s go before the cops come” “ Jay didn’t want to but he knew Matt was right. As we turned around to walk away, the guy got up and grabbed a bottle and came at Jay. Jay turned and ducked and the bottle broke on the back of his Jacket, he was fine, but he fell on the ground, before he could get up. The guy started beating him, kicking him, punching him, and then he pulled out a pocket knife and tried to stab him, when Matt cam out of nowhere with a huge wooden board and smashed the guy over the head with it. The guy fell to the ground and began bleeding everywhere. We had no idea what to do. Ashley and I were bawling tears, as I checked his pulse. He was still alive but barely. So we were about to leave when I realized we couldn’t just leave him there to die, so I suggested we take him to the hospital. They weren’t for it because they didn’t want to get caught. I really didn’t want to leave him there to die and I needed them so I said. We have to if we don’t and they find him dead here tomorrow, we might get caught anyway. If they find any kind of connection between the school and here, we’re all going down. Ashley asked” “How could they know it was us?” “ I said because, If they ask for everyone who has a key to the school, including Jaime, and his key is gone. Then his mother tells them that she had a junkie/ rave going nephew, this case is a sure wrap. So we they had no choice. The guys picked him up and put his sweatshirt all the way on, and kind of dragged him, for 6 blocks. The when we got to the hospital. The guys quickly ran him in dropped in a chair and ran out of there as fat as they could. We all ran for about 2 blocks when we decided to part ways and meet up tomorrow. Ashley and I were too scared and shocked to split up
So we just went back to the hospital and stood across the street, so that we could see him being helped, that’s all we wanted, was to see somebody helping him. And when we did, we left the hospital and never looked back. I called the hospital about a week later from a payphone to ask how he was and they said he pulled through, and there will be no investigation because he does not know what happened. Three days later we were all on a plane back here. We still keep in touch but, we no longer party like we used to.”

Sara opened her eyes and looked at the therapist. He asked her to get up and go look in the mirror. She looked in the mirror and say her mascara running all down her face, her eyes bloodshot red, and puffy, and was forever changed.

The author's comments:
This story is just something I built up in my head, and wanted to get down on paper. Addiction to the Party Girl Lifestyle is not what it's cracked up to be.Get real.Get Smart.

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on Jan. 4 2009 at 6:34 pm
I love it. I didn't even remember writing it. By reading it now I feel the emotion and what I was thinking when I wrote it. Comment it and tell me what you think please.

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