July 21, 2008
By Anonymous

I hear a screeching sound then a boom and shatter. “SAM!” I herd her scream my name. NO!

I saw it all happen. Those five seconds that felt like forever and yet not long enough for me to get to her. The old, dark blue, pick up truck hit the black ice and blow a flat tire. It spinning towards her unknown figure. My Ivory, my best friend just walking into school. To day was going to be the day I told her. Now she’s hurt I have to get to her.

Running as fast as I could pushing people out of the way in my haste. I had to get to my Ivory. This couldn’t be happening. Not her! Please oh please god let her be okay! I thought as I ran.

“Ivory! Ivory! Are you okay?! Ivory? Talk to me” I begged when I got to her. She has to live. She just has to. Those next five minutes felt like a life time. She wasn’t responding. Finally after a life time of hurt and pain she groaned. Thank you god! Thank you!

“Sam? Sam…. Is that you?” she groaned out. It was hard for her to talk I could see that.

“Yes, yes Ivory it is me.” My eyes filled with tears. Thank you god! I thought again. I laid down half on top of her hugging her crying. She was okay my Ivory was okay. “Ivory?” I said between crying.


“You don’t have to say anything, but I just wonted to tell you something….” I hesitated there. I wasn’t sure if I could say it. No I had to say it. I was Ivory she was hurt and I had to. I had waited to long to say it. Two years I’ve waited and now im going to say it. “ Ivory I love you.” I stared crying again, burring my face in her shoulder. “I’ve loved you along time.”

“Sam I love you to. Two years I have.” At that point I realized she was hugging me back. It was a weak hug but I didn’t care.

“Sir? Are you hurt?” the ambulances have arrived.

“No but Ivory is. We need to get her help.” I said sitting up and help the man get to Ivory.

“Are you her boyfriend?” the same man said when we got her in the back of the ambulance.

“Yes” Ivory whispered before I could get a word out.

“Come on you can ride in the back with her.” I smiled. I was happy and sad. Happy – I finally told my Ivory how I felt- sad – my Ivory was hurt and I couldn’t help that much-.
Two months later

Ivory and I walked down the hall. Her on crunches and I was holding her books. We got teased for weeks after the accident but I didn’t care. I had my Ivory and she was okay. Thank you god! Thank you! I said again for the thousands time since then. Thank you!

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mb1994 said...
on Dec. 9 2008 at 8:29 pm
wow! this is a great story. u have a gift for writing


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