Incorporate earing,waterdish and hammock

June 8, 2008
By Sara Gray, Sanbornton, NH

When Brianna woke up in the hammock Friday morning she put her earrings on and went to school. When Brianna went home she would take off her earrings and wash her hands in the waterdish. At night after the supper dishes were done Brianna would return to her hammock outside the house where she would be very cold at night. Brianna would continue this same routine every night. One day someone at school saw bug bites all over Brianna. When Brianna got to class the teacher told her to go to the nurses office. Brianna was surprised and a little scared because she thought she was in trouble. When Brianna got there the nurse was very warm and friendly. The nurse asked Brianna questions about why she had mosquito bites all over her, who her parents were, and what her phone number and address was? Brianna told the nurse that the bites were from when she would sleep outside in the hammock. The nurse asked her why she slept outside in the hammock and why she wore the same clothes to school everyday? Brianna told the nurse that she wasn’t allowed to sleep inside because her parents said she wasn’t good enough to sleep in the house with the rest of the family. The nurse said ok to Brianna and told her everything was going to be fine. The nurse called the school resource officer and asked her to come down to the nurses office. The resource officer examined Brianna and told her she wasn’t going home she was going to a foster home . The resource officer took Brianna to the new foster home. A nice lady named Mrs. Bellow gave Brianna a hug and showed Brianna her room. When Brianna was at the foster home she got new clothes, earrings, waterdish and hammock. She was finally happy that she had a new home and family. Brianna still went to the same school as she did. One day while walking in the halls she saw her brother. He stopped her and told her he didn’t understand why she told the police. Brianna told her brother that she had to do it. A month later after Brianna had been adopted by a new family her brother was put into a foster home for the same thing Brianna went through. The parents of Brianna and her brother were arrested for mistreating their children and were told they were going to serve 8 to 10 years in jail. Brianna’s brother was adopted by the same family that adopted Brianna and they lived happily ever after .

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