Sea of Misery

January 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Dreams are so real that it’s like every flashback takes my very being back in time. These dark memories have me chained at the ankle and night after night they emerge from the dark sea of terror and they unleash their waves of pain upon me, the water dripping away as a mix of blood, sweat, tears and memories. When it finally stops, I’m on the beach in my mind and the pain teases at my toes. The moon gets higher again and the tide picks up. Another night of misery and its just for me.
I’ll call this place in my mind the “Sea of Misery” and I’m chained on the beach where the sand never dries like the pain never stops. As if the more my toes sink into the moist soft sand, the more the blood spills from these cuts and the more vivid these visions turn. Pulling on this chain of mine only causes me to sink into the sand, like a trap, the more I want to pull away from the past the more is slaps me in the face and digs its claws into my skin. The sand pulls me under as I pull at the chain, first to my ankles, then my waist and now I am up to my neck in the dark sand. The night falls and the Tsunami of memories crashes down upon me in wave after wave of pain. The sand releases me from its grip though the chain remains and I cannot avoid the rest of the waves. Blood mixes into the water as memory after memory invades me, taking over everything and making me re-live everything that has happened. Screaming for help only brings more of these waves crashing down upon me.

The author's comments:
This is a small portion of a larger story. I would like to request anonymity and if this work makes it to publication I will submit more of this story.

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