the queen bees

November 20, 2008
One day there were 3 girls named Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel. The girls called themselves the Queen Bees. Lauren was the alpha of the group. She had long blond straight hair. She was 5 feet 2 inches, skinny, and one of the prettiest girls in school (at least she thought so). Sophia was the beta of the group. She had long brown wavy hair. She was 5 feet 4 inches, skinny, and also one of the prettiest girls in school. Rachel was a pretty girl. She had short red hair. She was 5 feet 4 inches and was a little chunky. They attended Carrolton and they ruled the school. They even have a calendar in their rooms that stated what they have to wear to school. Monday, wear something purple. Purple was the color of royalty. Tuesday, wear something pink because all pretty people wear pink. Wednesday, wear something with a lot of real diamonds. Thursday, they have to wear heals. Friday was a free day, wear what ever you want. They also had a list of rules. The most important rule was not to go out with your best friends ex-boyfriend. Some other rules where: only wear jeans once a week. If you wear jeans more then once a week you can’t talk to the queen bees for the rest of the day. All clothes have to be designer or name brand. Every Saturday there was a sleepover at Lauren’s house and if they were not able to attend they better have a good excuse.

On the first day of school they decided to carpool in Laurens limo. They went to Starbucks where they each got there own coffee and were off to school. When they arrived at school they got off the limo right when the bell rang. They opened the door and everyone turned around to see the three prettiest girls in school. They went to their lockers, unpacked, and went to their first class. It was boring so Lauren decided to make it a little fun. Lauren told Rachel to get two frogs from the science lab and tell the teacher she was going to the bathroom. She snuck them in and Lauren got them and dressed one up as a bride and a groom. Then she let them go and they started to jump. Her, Rachel, and Sophia started singing “Here comes the bride all dressed in white, here comes the groom all dressed in……..ribbit ribbit”. The teacher got very angry and they later realized that their teacher was allergic to frogs. She went straight to the hospital and was sick for a week. The girls got in a lot of trouble but they decided to let them off with a warning. After that, they had lunch. During lunch they started to complain that the food was room temperature and it had to be warmed up. After the lunch ladies warmed up their food they tasted it and spit it out right in their faces, they said that the food was disgusting that they should be fired. Lauren called her limo driver and took them all to Bonsai then back to school. As you can see these three girls are huge spoiled brats. After lunch they found out that there was a new girl in school. The new girl was beautiful. Her name was Valerie Valdivia. The 3 girls were super mad because they found out there was a girl prettier then them in their school. Valerie went straight up to Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel, and introduced herself. Then, Lauren said “Did I invite you to my bbq?” when Valerie said no, Lauren said “Then why you all up in my grill?”. Sophia and Rachel started cracking up. Then Valerie said, “Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people”. After Lauren said “do you want people to accept you as you are or do you want them to like you?” Then Valerie decided it wasn’t worth it and walked away. Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel said in “This means war”. Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel were up all night video chatting and making plans on how to ruin Valerie! The next day in school Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel sent out fliers saying: “Valerie= everyone has the right to be ugly but you abuse the privilege.” It had a picture of her with pimples, moles, no hair, and a lot of extra fat. When Valerie saw the flyer she started to cry and went straight to the bathroom. Later that day Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel were walking to gym when all of the sudden they walked through the doors and green piant fell all over them. They found out it was Valerie and told the principal what she did. The principal called all of them to the offices and found out how them four have been fighting and decided to tell them that they have a week of detention and that Lauren, Sophia, and Rachel have to stay like that all day. They were really depressed because they had paint all over their designer clothes. They decided to go up to Valerie and make things right between them. Lauren started off by saying “ hey listen Valerie, I am truly sorry for doing all of this to you I should have never judged you when I first saw you. You are probably a super nice girl and all of us a truly very sorry. Right girls?” Sophia and Rachel both said they were sorry and they all became friends again. Now, Sophia, Lauren, and Rachel learned never to pull mean pranks on other people ever again. Also there is a new edition the “the queen bees”. Her name is Valerie Valdivia.

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