The big wish

April 8, 2014
By maariuuhh SILVER, Sacramento, California
maariuuhh SILVER, Sacramento, California
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you gotta be able to smile trought the BS. remember that.

In the beginning before big animals were small and small animals were big, where there was nothing but animals, no pollution and no humans there were two animals that hated each other, the mouse and the elephant. mouse was always angry that elephant would steal all mouse's food. Elephant was scared of mouse because he was big and had large long teeth.

One day mouse got so tired and hungry that he had enough with elephant stealing his food that Mr mouse when to the voodoo Lion king.
“i need a spell that will make me small and make elephant big so he stops stealing all my food” mouse said
Mr lion was worried now because a lot of other animals were complaining about being too small or too big. Mr Lion himself was very small but very powerful.
“too many animals are complaining about being too small or too big, so fine, I will change all those big to small and small to big.” Mr lion replied.

Mr Lion not only made big animals small and small animals big but he made the very first earthquake. The next day when all the animals woke up they felt weird, some felt too big to do what they use to do, and some felt too small to do what they also used to do. Elephant woke up to do his morning routine which was steal Mr mouses food when all the sudden he was too big to eat that. When Mr mouse woke up he was very happy, he went outside and elephant saw him there, so tiny compare to him but elephant was still scared of mouse so scared that he never got over his fear of mice or tiny animals. Now a days thats why some animals are big and some are small, thats why people say the Lion is the king of the jungle, thats why theres earthquakes and thats why elephants are scared of mice.

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