Mechanosis: A World at War

November 5, 2008
Mechanosis: A World at War

And so it began. The shiny chrome ship surfaced on to the brown orb known as Lacerta. Steam burst out as the large door slid open. Emerging one by one was the army of Mechanosis. Robotic creatures they were. On their heads were auditory and visual sensors. These sensors were flanked by a beam-emitting apparatus. Which beam came out was up to the robot. They stood upright on two legs, and had the advantage of two long arms. They were completely chrome silver in color. Despite their lack of organic life, the robotic creatures were artificially intelligent and made thoughtful decisions. A strange brew they were indeed. The Mech’s, as they were known, quickly filed into rank order. Captains up front and grunts bringing up the rear. The leader let out a loud siren and off the collective marched. As they walked they were sent objectives via satellite from their home planet.
The instructions came from the council of ten. The council was a mysterious group. They are the only non robotic creatures on Mechanosis. They’re origins are unknown. It was them who created the robotic legion that currently marched on the loamy soils of Lacerta. No one knew of the council’s true identity, only that they were tyrannical and power hungry. They would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Their next objective: Lacerta.
The robots continued to march onward toward the first Lacertan city. Suddenly a rustling noise was picked up by the noise sensors of the reconnaissance unit. VOOM! A high powered energy beam was directed at the foliage from which the noise originated. “Terminated,” said the battles analyst unit unemotionally. The march continued as the lucky reptile scampered off unnoticed. The robots spared no plant life on their march. The scout unit’s beam was more than effective against the native Lacertan fauna. The Lacertan city of Rotker slowly came into view of the troupe. Out of the forest jumped a small band of Lacertan sentries. “Stop there intruders!” VOOM! Another beam soared from the troupe and eviscerated the poor creatures. Upon closer inspection the Lacertan people were very unique. These lizard-like creatures were coated in a slimy substance most likely used for navigating through the narrow undergrowth more easily. They too stood upright on two legs. Also, the Lacertans employed the use of gills in addition to their standard lungs. The battle analyst unit took a quick schematic of the physiological aspects of the creatures, and their organ-less shells were pulverized into dust to make room for the robots to continue on.
Rotker was a relatively small city enclosed by a great wall for protection. A low powered beam was emitted from one of Mech’s and the wall easily gave way. This is what the destruction beams were useful for. They can kill almost any life form, but their main purpose was to destroy structures. And destroyed them it did. Lacertans scattered like ants when the beams were fired to and fro throughout, tearing apart the tiny town. Lacertans fell one after another. Suddenly a small group was seen escaping the city. A few escaped but the one holding the gate was obliterated on the spot with a concentrated destruction beam. The troupe did not concern themselves with the survivors; instead they proceeded to destroy all structures within the city. “Success,” stated the busy analyst bot. The troupe took the identical path back to their vessel and took off towards the Mech’s indigenous silvery star.
The council did not celebrate their meager victory. They knew the Lacertan people were a battle tested race. They would adapt, and the council expected such. From now on only groups exceeding 1,000 Mech’s would be deployed to the backwater planet. The 12 victorious bots emerged from their ship and awaited repairs. Upon closer inspection it was found that tiny creatures, likely from the undergrowth, had encrusted themselves in the robots’ circuitry. They were immediately purged from the bots, but the council foresaw these creatures as a threat during long battles. All Mech’s in production were sealed up tight to counteract this nuisance. It’s these types of adaptations that the council knew the Lacertans were undertaking themselves. The Lacertans are a tumultuous race, but in times of peril can unify quickly and effectively. If the Lacertans were so unprepared, than why not attack the capital city and throw them into chaos right away? Well, the answer is simple. Lacerta does not rotate like most planets, so it lies half enveloped in darkness. The dark side of Lacerta was a very mysterious place. On this dark side is where the capital city of Gravis was located. The council could not risk such a hasty invasion. No, they would be patient. They would win in time.
The second invasion was about to begin. This time more than 5,000 Mech’s lie dormant on the chrome vessel. As the ship punctured the Lacertan atmosphere, it let out its own destruction beam and dropped an ancient colossal tree upon a group of panicked heathens. The ship descended toward the surface and fired once more at a group of soldiers advancing on their position. For the second time that week, the large alloy door slid open and released the volatile robot army upon Lacerta. The Lacertans were much more prepared this time around. They had seemed to organize quickly. Crude, but effective weapons returned fire with the Mech’s. The battle analyst units had to account for both sides now. The Lacertans still seemed outmatched. Evisceration beams lit up the shadowed undergrowth. Husks of the lizard-like creatures were strewn across the ground amid a few unlucky bots. The Lacertans fought valiantly as they, what seemed like, were retreating. Back, the Mech’s drove the brave Lacertans. About 500 bots lay inactive while about 2,000 Lacertans were incapacitated or eviscerated. The Mech’s drove them back to an odd looking clearing. “Now!” yelled one of the remaining Lacertans. As he said that, lizards who had remained hidden, pulled giant levers. The clearing the bots stood on were two giant doors constructed of bark. Under these doors lay one of many Lacertan ponds. All the remaining Mech’s were instantly fried from the water, which was nonexistent on their planet. “Victory, we have Victory!” the proud lizards yelled.
It was there turn to attack. All available Lacertans piled on to their own ships. The Lacertan fleet was an odd one indeed. It consisted of pillaged ships from other unsuccessful invasions. Among the fleet were Janiop, Glok, and Kevram ships. Off took the diverse group of ships toward the Mech’s native planet of Mechanosis. From space, a large antenna could be seen emerging from the planet. This is where the council called home and where the Lacertans plotted their course. They landed and emerged from their vessels. They looked around and took note of the Mechanosis landscape which consisted of basically nothing. As far as there eyes could see, the cold, cruel glare of chrome stared back. Just flat land covered in chrome. The soil was this way due to the presence of the extremely rare element of Mechnetium. “What now?” asked a grunt Lacertan. “Let’s take down that stick we saw from the sky!” answered a veteran warrior. They ran full speed until the building housing the antenna was spotted on the horizon. “There! Shoot!” As this was yelled a large cannon-looking apparatus emerged from the building. An evisceration beam extremely large in diameter, burst forth from the cannon. The lizards had no where to hide. Every last Lacertan fell to the ground innard-less.
The Mechanoids had unimaginable force and the Lacertans had cunning and ingenuity. This war was deadlocked.

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