A Trip to the Lake Gone Bad!!!!

November 5, 2008
By Danielle Kehoe, Belding, MI

A Trip to the Lake Gone Bad!!!

It was a great summer day in June. It was a day that was going to be all about these three ladies and the beach. Just going to have a great time and get a tan.

It all started off good, just the same as any other road trip. They were packing all there bags into the car making sure they had them all. When they were all sure that they had them all, they headed out. They were driving down the road when they saw a jeep full of hot fellows so they decided to follow them to see where they were going. They had been following them for almost a half-hour when Lesley(the smart one who was also the mommy type) said, “Hey Chelsea” (who was the youngest but she’s also the know it all and the flirty one) “I think were lost” So Chelsea, being the smart butt she is, says to Christina(who’s the oldest and the dumb one) “I think you need to turn around Lesley just saw a sign that said Mac-a-Nac bridge 2 miles. Christina, being the dumb one she is said, ”Okay we will just stop and turn around. So Lesley and Chelsea both asked Christina, ”Were you even paying attention to how we got here?“ She was like “No, I guess I better stop in that gas station and ask for directions.” So she did. They were driving back when they realized there was a car full of hot fellows behind them. They decided “hay lets pull over and act like we don’t know where were going.” So they pulled over and so did the car that had been following them. They all decided that they were hungry so they decided to all go to the diner and get something to eat. They told the group of fellows where they were going and they said they were going to the same spot. So, they all headed to the beach. On there way there Chelsea had to go to the bathroom, so they stopped on the side of the road and she went into the woods to go pee. After about 10 minutes the other girls were starting to wonder, so they went into the woods to find her. All they could find was a random trail of starburst. So they decided to follow it because maybe it would lead them to her. They were following it when all of a sudden they reached a candy shop. So they walked in and noticed skittles all over in the middle of the floor. Then they noticed the skittles spelled out the words “I’m frozen.” So, they decided to look in the freezer, and when they did they found her sitting in the freezer eating ice cream.

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