Room 64B

November 4, 2008
By Emily Miller, Sumter, SC

“Come on Joey don’t be such a wuss.” Said Billy, “Are you scared she’s going to get you?”
“No, Billy,” Replied Joey, “I am not scared. I just don’t think we should break into an old abandoned hospital. If we get caught we’ll be grounded forever.”
“We aren’t going to get caught.” Said Samantha
“Yeah, I mean it’s not like anyone checks that place out anyway,” agreed Jess, “It’s been abandoned for years.”
“Why do you guys want to go so bad anyway?” Asked Joey
“To see if the rumors are true.” Answered Billy
“Yea,” Samantha butted in, “The rumor is that Mary Hawthorne checked into room 64B to give birth to her baby. When she finally did give birth, after 14 hours of labor, someone stole her baby out of the nursery. She was so upset that she hung herself in her hospital room. People say if you stand in front of her hospital room and say ‘Mary, I’ve got your baby!’ She’ll kill you.”
“That’s so stupid.” Said Joey
“If it’s so stupid, then why are you so afraid to go spend the night in there?” Asked Jess
“I am not!” Joey argued
“Good, then we’ll all meet there at 10:00 tonight.” Answered Billy
Samantha and Billy got into Billy’s old beat up read Honda Civic and headed to the abandoned hospital with Joey and Jess following behind them.
“Remind me again why I am doing this.” Joey said to Jess as they pulled into the alley behind the hospital.
“Because you want to prove to Billy you’re not a wuss,” replied Jess, “Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?” Jess hopped out of the car and walked over to where Billy and Samantha were standing. Joey followed behind her.
“OK guys come on, there’s a weak door over there that we can break down.” Billy said. Billy headed over to the door and began trying to break it in. It wouldn’t budge. “Don’t just stand there!” he yelled, “Get over here and help me!” Joey hurried over and the both of them worked at getting the door in. Finally after several minuets of pushing and kicking at the door, they got it open.
“OK guys come on.” Billy said as he motioned for everyone to follow him in through the door.
“But it’s really dark in there,” whined Samantha
“Don’t worry I’ve got flashlights and extra batteries incase these run out,” assured Billy
The four of them entered into the old abandoned hospital. The air was so cold that it sent chills up their spines. It smelled so horrible that their noses stung with the first breath they took.
“Come on you guys,” Said Billy, “Room 64B is upstairs, let’s go.”
They all followed Billy up the dark, creepy staircase and down the halls until they reached room 64B.
“There it is,” stated Jess, “The room where Mary Hawthorne killed herself.”
“OK, so who’s going to say it?” asked Samantha, “Because I am sure as hell not doing it.”
“We’re all going to do it.” Replied Billy, “I’ll say it first.”
Billy grinned and stepped directly in front of room 64B and said, “Mary, I’ve got your baby.”
They all stood there holding their breath waiting to see what would happen. Waiting to see if some kind of ghost was going to jump through the door and grab Billy. Nothing happened.
“OK, now you go,” Billy said, facing Samantha
“ME!” Samantha said in shock, “Why me?”
“Because,” answered Billy, “I said so.”
“Fine.” Samantha whined. She stepped in front of the room and repeated the words Billy had just spoken, “Mary, I’ve got your baby.” Once again, nothing happened.
“OK, now I’ll go,” volunteered Jess. She stepped in front of the room and repeated the words that Billy and Jess had just spoken before her. “Mary, I’ve got your baby.” Still nothing happened.
“Alright scaredey cat,” Jess said as she turned to face Joey, “it’s your turn.” She stepped away and let Joey by.
Joey stepped in front of the room and repeated the words that had just been spoken three times before him. “Mary, I’ve got your baby.” And just like before, nothing happened.
“OK, now what?” Joey asked.
“Now we find somewhere to sleep,” Replied Billy, “I am tired.”
The four of them headed back down to the first floor and found a room which looked like it used to be one of the waiting rooms.
“Perfect!” said Billy, “It’s big enough for us all to sleep in here. Samantha and I will go over to this corner and you to can sleep wherever you want.
Samantha and Billy headed off to one side of the room and left Jess and Joey to sleep on the other.
Joey couldn’t get to sleep. All he could think about was getting out of there.
Then he heard it. A voice. A woman’s voice. He couldn’t make out what it was saying but he was pretty certain it wasn’t something he wanted to stick around to find out.
“Jess! Jess wake up!” he whispered “We’ve got to get out of here.”
“What are you talking about.” Said Jess as she sat up rubbing her eyes
“Don’t you hear that?” he replied
“Hear what?”
“It’s probably just Samantha and Billy messing with us.”
“No, they’re over there…” He stopped when he turned to point to where Samantha and Billy were. Billy was tied to the ceiling hanging from his feet.
Samantha was running over to were Jess and Joey were.
“Somebody do something!” she cried
Billy began swinging back and forth, each time getting closer and closer to the ceiling until finally his body was being slammed into the ceiling.
“Come on guys,” Joey said, “we need to get out of here.”
He led them down one of the halls until they reached what use to be the cafeteria. Samantha was crying hysterically and Jess was in shock.
It was already midnight so there was no light from the outside to shine in through the windows. Billy had kept the flashlights with him and nobody dared go back in there for them. They were stuck in the dark
“What are we going to do?” asked Jess
“Try our hardest to get out of here and away from this place.” Replied Joey
“There’s nothing we can do,” Samantha said as she lifted her head up from her crying, “we all said it and now she’s after us. She has us locked in here and there is no way we can get out. We’re all going to die and there's nothing anyone can do about it.”

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