Walking Home

November 3, 2008
“See You Tomorrow,” Heather belted as she shut the front door of her friend Stephanie’s house. They had finally finished their history project, which had taken them much longer than planned. Heather had called her mom earlier to tell her she would be late, and that Stephanie’s mom would bring her home. Though Stephanie’s mother had not come home from work yet, but Heather knew her overprotective mother would get annoyed if she had to drive her because she was hosting her monthly book club that night. With a slight light hovering over the horizon Heather swung her book bag over her shoulder and began walking. Her house wasn’t too far away, maybe just half a mile. Her feet sank in the dewy grass with every step as she paced along the gravel road. With every minute she watched as the lights started to flash from within the cobblestone house she passed by. Her glanced strained forward into the setting sun just barely peeking in front of her. Heather stared up and down the abandoned road without any sign of vehicle in the distance. As the colors around her faded darker the erratic street lamps flickered on, barely lighting the street. As Heather continued her journey a tapping noise began from nowhere. She kept going, listening to this awkward sound. It was if they were footsteps matching her every move in perfect tempo. The sound gradually grew until Heather knew without doubt that there was something behind her. Taking a deep breath she swung around to glance at an empty road, a single lamppost illuminating the surface. Heather relaxed, knowing she was getting carried away. The dark was playing tricks on her as if she were a child. She was only five minutes away from home so she straightened up and turned to finish her walk. Though, when she gazed ahead a man stood not but two steps away from her. His shiny black hair was greased back and he wore a full suit with a crimson tie. Heather eyes opened wide surprised by this guest, she was unable to speak. His almost black eyes stared at her, fixed as if he were absorbing the beauty of a fine piece of art. Slowly and without warning he began to make his way towards Heather, who filled with confusion remained stiff on the wet grass only able to feel the wind slide past her cheek. As the stranger drew nearer Heather came to her senses and stepped away from his reach. He looked up with a malicious smile grazing his face. “Just hold still and it will all be over faster,” he chuckled under his breath. Knowing she was in trouble Heather turned to run in the opposite direction, but before she knew it the man had wrapped his pale arms around her body, locking her in place. Heather’s mind raced overflowing with panic, but was quickly replaced with excruciating pain as he rabidly bit into her neck. Heather could feel her cold life being sucked away from her numbing body. She tried to unlock this beasts hands but he was to strong. She twisted and thrust her arms in all directions, eventually emptying the content of her bag. The scissors though, hooked onto her belt loop where it hung limply by her side. Heather grabbed them and with the strength she had left pierced the face of the stranger. His hold was broken as he fell to his knees, grasping his face, unleashing a terrible cry. Heather blew past him in full speed. Her hair wisped past her face as the tears streamed down her cheeks. She could see her house glowing as she sprinted faster forward. She lurched herself on the tattered porch where she hastily stammered inside and locked the door. Out of breath and bleeding down her side she spun around to find her mother laying face down on the white carpet. She was blue and bright red stained her body. Heather leaned against the door fear streaming through every limb in her body as a slow knock filled the room. “It’s not over yet”, a voice whispered as the knob slowly turned.

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SnakebiteHeart said...
Sept. 9, 2009 at 3:39 pm
I like this (:
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