November 17, 2008
By jordan loree, Crawfordville, FL

Friday I saw the flaming tsunamis at The Shed. Lights bounced off people’s faces and everyone smiled in fits of rage. They went in circles and bounced off each other like balloons full of electricity. The wall wasn’t sturdy and I pushed back as loud as I could. (8:00) We ran to the car for ice cream and shelter, we made it to a magic deck, it smelled then caught fire, not really, but it smelled.(12:05) We met at a gate and rode to the fountain, we filled it with anthrax, a dashed to a crack in between walls. Glass and the homeless’s urine splashed my bare feet. We scooted through until we reached a larger opening and he kissed me as I stared at the tall buildings overhead. (9:42) We went back to the white water and gathered up clouds with the widths of out arms and dropped them over towns, he made me a hat of clouds and we smiled for pictures as the people shot flashes at us from below. I wadded through the pool of clouds until my legs were covered in their stickiness. (10:11) He took me to a big machine in a dark field. We climbed to the top and I gazed at the full moon and then a train went by and made us jump. No one knows what the machine was for, but now it just sits right outside of the ground, waiting to be buried by the government. (11:11) We climbed down the steep, plant stairs and returned to the sound of street lights and pictures of cars. He drove me home I kissed him on the lips and hopped the fence. I walked in with smudged mascara and wet clothes, them damn clouds still stuck to my back pockets.

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