November 14, 2008
By Ruby Leyva, Oxnard, CA

Missy looked at Edge with irritation spreading across her face. He had eaten the last chocolate chip cookie. Her cookie, and he knew it. When he looked up at her, he just smirked and walked away. Oh, he would pay, and dearly. Kie was beside her, watching her face intensively. He went to the cupboard and brought out his cookie. He presented it to her. She looked straight ahead, where Edge had disappeared into his room. Kie nudged her. “Missy, you can have my cookie. I don’t mind.”She looked at him and her face began to relax, only a little. “Thanks Kie, but it’s your cookie. I know how much you love sweets. No, you can eat it.”He shook his head and grabbed her hand and put the cookie in it. He smiled. “Naw, I can survive. Eat it.”He walked away with Missy watching his every step. She looked at the cookie and smiled softly. Then she began to eat it and walked to her room. He was really sweet. Never having said a wrong thing to her. Kie was probably the closest guy friend she’s ever had, and it felt a little strange. She shrugged off the feeling as she sat down on her bed with a notepad and a pen in her fingers. To form her new plan on getting back at Edge.She was the first person to live in Ruthie’s house. She always had a heart for new people and attracted some strange characters. Kie came after her and they immediately became friends. Then came in a stray cat who they all later found out was a morpher. Ruthie was in a daze after that but quickly got over it. Then came in a man called Cain who was very nice and always treated others with respect. Then came in Edge.Missy has no words to describe him. He was evil itself. He had on a brown cowboy hat, with a brown or sometimes black trench coat. He hid his four guns that he only used to fight with or when he practices his rounds on wood. To keep his flow going he always said. She sneered at this. He was sometimes a cool person to hang out with but after today, she doesn’t know how she’ll bare to even look at him.She finished in record time and smiled at her plan. It had a 99% chance that it was going to work, but who cared? As long as she got her revenge, that was all that mattered. Missy kicked off her shoes and gently opened her door. She looked down the hall and saw no one. Her heart was accelerating from excitement and adrenaline. She closed her door behind her and walked down the hall, making sure not to make any noise.As she reached his door, she could hear him snoring his head off. He always takes naps during the day, which she didn’t care at the moment why. She opened the door and saw his blanket rise and then slowly fall. A smile spread across her face. Then she silently crept over to the wall where Edge’s guns were hanging. Her fingers slowly took it off the nail that it was hanging from and put the holster close to her chest. She walked away with no worries and closed the door behind her. From then on, she ran straight to her room and laughed as she got there. She grabbed her notepad and scratched off her first plan on her list. Another two to go until her sweet revenge. Who said revenge wasn’t sweet? *  *  *After dinner was when Edge woke up. Missy was silently humming to herself, enjoying her day so far, reading a novel on the couch. She heard an angry voice coming from Edge’s room. She smiled. Her plan was going well so far. He slammed the door open and came stomping toward her. Her book then got snatched from her fingers and thrown on the other side of the room. She looked up innocently up at him and tried very hard not to smile.“Where are they?”“What are you talking about? And who are you to take my book away from my fingers Edge?”He sneered. “Who cares about your book? Where are my guns?”She got up and twirled around the living room. It felt so nice to have control of someone, even when they usually never have control at all. Missy stopped and looked at Edge. A malicious smile spread across her face. His face cooled some but he still had fumes coming out from his ears. “If you want your guns back Edge, then you’re going to have to what I say or they’re going to be blown up. Don’t think I’m bluffing Edge, you know me well enough to know when I’m lying. And I’m not.”He sighed angrily. “What do you want?”She jumped on the couch and put her hands on the top of the headrest. Her face was inches from his. “I want you to make me . . . a dozen of a dozen cookies, and you have to swear that you’d never eat another one of my cookies ever again.”His face dropped. “That’s all you wanted? To take revenge on the person who took your last cookie?”She nodded and got off the couch. “Yup. And you only have until ten to make them or their all going bye-bye.”He looked at her to see if she was really serious. She tapped her wrist as if a clock was there telling him that his time was running out. He glared at her and finally took off his trench coat. He had on a long sleeved shirt underneath and pulled up his sleeves to his arms. Missy watched with amusement twinkling in her eyes. This was going to be fun. She watched him take off his hat and saw brown curly locks. Some were wavy and others were curly. This surprised her since she’s never seem his without his hat on. She walked to the dining table and sat down on one of the chairs, enjoying Edge’s suffering. It was very amusing. She took out her notepad and scratched another plan off her list. What a happy, happy day.Kie came in five minutes later and saw Missy watching Edge smash doe that was in his hands. He sat down next to Missy with concern spread across his face. She turned toward him and felt a twinge of regret. Sometimes she got annoyed with him because he reminded her of a conscience. She sighed.“What’s up Kie?”He looked around. “What are you doing to Edge?”“He stole a cookie and now he’s paying for it. Please don’t ask the details, I’m very much enjoying this.”He silently looked at her and then at Edge. There was already one batch of a dozen cookies in the oven, baking slowly but surely. Missy already smelled them in the air and smiled. Yes ser-e, revenge was sweet. No doubt about it.*  *  *About two and half an hour later, the cookies were done. Edge fell to his knees, exhausted and already reached his limit. When he got the strength to get up, he did and looked at Missy square in the eye. She smiled back at him, as if nothing was wrong. “There, happy now. A dozen batch of a dozen cookies. Now, where are my guns?”She looked at the clock at pointed outside, near the woods. “Time is running out Edge. You only have about ten to fifteen minutes before they blow up. You’ll find the directions outside. Hurry up now.”He was too exhausted to even let his anger out as he ran outside. He found the note and then ran toward wherever the note had told him to go. Missy sat down and grabbed one of the cookies near her on the table. She looked at Kie and smiled. He didn’t.“Don’t worry so much.”“You took his guns? How could you? And you even put a bomb on them? Where did you                          even get the powder for it?”Missy started laughing. “I did take his guns but I quickly put them back when he was cooking the cookies. Yeah, like I’ll ever use powder. That’s much too dangerous.” He thought for a moment. “Then, what’s waiting outside for him?” She bit into her cookie. “A note telling him that I fooled him and that his guns are safe and sound in his room.” He continued to look at her. “All for a cookie.” She nodded. “Yup. All because of a cookie.” She giggled. “Isn’t revenge just sweet Kie?"

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