Pictures on the Wall

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

It was pitch black she couldn't see anything. Even her fingers that were out in front of her weren't noticeable. How could this happen? First, she was at a party that was at a bonfire with her boyfriend and the next thing she knew she woke up in this wooded area with sticks all tangled and her hair with dirt and twigs with a rose placed perfectly on her chest.
The first thing Emily could think of was to pull out her cell phone and call the person she know best, her boyfriend. He would know what to do he always did they were inseparable. Where could he have gone without her she was with him the whole night? That didn't matter anymore what mattered was getting a holed of him and so she clutched her phone and began to press the stiff wet buttons. What? Her service was Verizon and was known for "Can you hear me now? Good." What was she suppose to do? Try for find help? Or stay and wait to see if anyone comes out to look for her?
Once she finally made up her mind she decided to go and look for a near by town and try to find help. As she walked in the cold night she felt a cool breeze on her toes and dirt getting plastered on the balls of her heals. She hurt. As she was walking she heard many noises that began to frighten her, creeks, moans,echoes, peeps, noises of horror and affliction arose from the depths of the enormous path with in. She had no shoes and kept on feeling the stings of the wood from branches constantly poking her. She had to be strong and suck it up if she ever wanted to be found again.
Suddenly she saw a speck of light and knew that it must be fire and ran as fast as she possible could run to get in the house. When she finally approched the little cottage she was out of breath and wasn't sure what she was getting herself into . Fortunately the people in it were very friendly and warned Emily that there has been suspicious actively going around the little area in the woods. They offered her a place to stay that was nice and cozy to stay in with warm food and a speck of tea. Finally she decided to take a journey out to find her way back home. She wanted to go in the daylight so there was no chance of her getting into trouble. Little did she know it was bound to happen.
She occasionally saw speckles of water falling from the tips of the leaves on the trees. Soon a torrential thunderstorm was brewing. Soon she found a local street off the path of the woods and started to follow it.

The path began to lead her to a familiar street that she had been comfortable with and was a regular on it. It led her to the nearest house she knew her boyfriends. When she ran inside she slammed the door wile water was drenched completely over her and started to upon the floor began to also. When she brought her head up from polling off her shoes and socks she noticed something on the table in the pallor. A vase, full of red roses.

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