Christmas Fun

November 14, 2008
By Megan Giles, Farmingville, NY

I rolled over again in my bed and stayed like that for a whole minute. But then I got bored of trying to sleep so I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. I didn’t know the other numbers, but I knew the first number was a six and Daddy said I could wake everybody up when the clock said six.
I stood up in my bed and jumped to the floor. Then I ran all the way down the hallway to Mommy and Daddy’s room. I didn’t wake Gracie up ‘cause she punches me when I wake her up.
I jumped on top of Mommy to wake her up ‘cause she was still asleeping.
“Mommy, Mommy! Wake up!”
I thought she woke up a little ‘cause of she tried to move me away. I laughed ‘cause it was funny and then Mommy finally woke up all the way.
“It’s Christmas, Mommy!” I yelled.
I fell on the bed and tried to pull her up so we can open presents.
“Santa came and he put a bajillion presents under the tree!” I knowed ‘cause of I saw them.
Mommy sat up finally and looked at Daddy. He was still asleeping too ‘cause of I could hear him making that funny noise he does when he asleeps. So Mommy punched his arm and he waked up.
“Wh-wh-what?” Daddy said.
He was opening his mouth real wide like people do when they wake up. He was taking too long so I jumped on the bed some more.
“Daddy, Daddy!” I yelled. “Santa came!”
Daddy did the open his mouth thing again and messed up my hair. I didn’t fix it ‘cause of I liked it messed up. I didn’t like it when Mommy fixed it.
Daddy got out of bed and then I heard Gracie in back of me. Mommy had to move to see her ‘cause of she can’t see in my head. Daddy walked to Gracie and picked her and blankie up. I jumped off the bed again and ran to Daddy. Then I pulled on his leg.
“Guess what, Gracie!” I yelled ‘cause of she didn’t know about it. “It’s Christmas Day and now we can open presents!”
She finally waked up so I started jumping again ‘cause of I was happy. Then Mommy went behind me and picked me up. Mommy kissed me and Gracie and Daddy on our faces and then Mommy and Daddy tried to carry me and Gracie to the Christmas tree. I didn’t like being picked up or kissed so I wiggled away ‘til Mommy put me down.
I could see the tree in the living room. It was gigantic! The lights was on and they was really bright. Then I sawed the presents on the floor and got happy again.
“Let me down,” Gracie sayed ‘cause of Daddy was still picking her up.
She ran to the Christmas tree with me and we got on our knees to open the presents. I picked a present and Gracie picked a present and then we opened them really quick ‘cause of we wanted to play with toys.
I opened a doll and then got confused ‘cause of Gracie should get the doll so I took the truck from her and gave her the doll instead. She played with her doll and I played with my truck for forever ‘cause of it was the best present ever! Santa is really nice. He always gives us fun presents for Christmas.
I can’t wait ‘til next year!

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