The Lines of Darkness

November 14, 2008
By Corey Welch, Epping, NH

" This is breaking news,throughout the city there have been signs of blood and strange markings. But there is no known cause and no confirmed deaths as of now." The TV shut off.

" I wonder what all that is." Said George to himself, looking at the TV.
"Oh well." George got dressed and went outside to his car. Then glancing at his watch he realized he was late for work.

" Damn it I'm always late." He said as he was driving to work. Arriving late at eight thirty two. He walked into the building finding his boss Tom with an unhappy look.

" Why are you always late George." asked Tom. A short plump man with grey hair, who is always strict and cranky.

" Something caught my eye this morning on television."

" Well does losing you're job catch you're eye too" Tom said as he walked away.

" Watch it George " said Paul, a friend as he walked to his desk.

" Ya I know,so did you happen to see the news this morning?"

" No I didn't ,why?" asked Paul.

" No reason." George lied to him deciding it wouldn't help much by talking about it , so he just let it go.

Later that night after work George was walking to his car when he saw something move in the dark shadows of a distant alley. It appeared tall, and now he saw two things, not sure what they were. One of them was taller and had bright green eyes, first he thought nothing of it until...
" Aaaahh!" a screech came from the alley.

George ran to the alley to the rescue of the screeching women ,as he was running by he noticed papers on the ground with a red liquid on them.

" Aaaaahh , " Help me please.." But she was cut off by a strange "woomp" noise. George saw a flash and the two were gone. On his way back he picked up a few of the papers he noticed on the ground. He headed home leaving the incident in the alley, out of thought.

That morning George called in sick and said he wouldn't show up. He boss wasn't usually the reasonable type but, today he was. After that he got up to meet an old friend. A friend who deals with strange markings and symbols.

" Hey Mike ." George called out across the room looking at his friend working on strange equipment.

" George is that you." A brief pause.

" Oh my god it is, how have you been lately George?''

" I've been good, I guess, you?"

" Oh you know me , the same old." " So what brings you down here." asked Mike

"This" George said handing him the blood stained papers.

" George what is this?" Mike said with a questioning look.

" I don't know, that's why I brought it to you."

" Well I'll look it up, but I haven't seen anything like this before."

Mike put the papers through a sort of scanning machine. It made some weird clicking noises. The words NO MATCH popped up on the computer screen.

" I'll try it again."Said Mike. But still the computer said NO MATCH. " Hold on there's something else here." " There seems to be fingerprints here." " I 'll scan the fingerprints."

" You can do that?"

" Yes I can, but illegally."

" Oh, that would explain."

" OK it shows here that they belong to someone named Miranda Rose,Here I'll write down the address." He wrote down the address on one of the papers and handed it to George.

" Thanks Mike ,I appreciate that."

" No problem George."

George walked out and examined the street address. He then drove to her house, in the darkening evening. He pulled in the driveway and approached the house. He knocked, no answer, knocked again, and again no answer. He told himself he'd come back later. George went home and had feelings of guilt, for just leaving without really putting in an effort to help the woman in the alley. Even though there was nothing he could have done about it. Finally laying down he went to sleep.

That night he had a terrible dream about the girl in the alley. He woke up panting, and sweating. He glanced at his clock it said 4:03 A.M. George decided he would go back to her house that same night, right now. When he approached the driveway once again he noticed the door was open.

He returned to his car grabbing his camera and a flashlight from his dashboard. He entered and a foul smell came over him,the dreaded stench of blood. Turning on his flashlight he saw blood everywhere. There were the same symbols and lines that were on the papers here. He took pictures of them with his camera.

He left with his pictures and went back to his car. He sat down and glanced at them. He then drove to the police station.

" Can I help you?" an officer asked from behind the counter.

" Yes I would like you to look at these." He handed the officer the photos he had taken. The officer took them and gave George an uneasy look.

" Where did you take these photos?" George looked at the address on his paper and said.

" One seventeen black river road."

"OK you stay here and I will go check it out,you got me?" He said in a stern tone, as to intimidate him.

" Ya I'm just gonna sit right here." He replied.The officer got up grabbed a few items and walked outside,towards his cruiser. When he approached the house the door was still open. He removed his gun from his holster and slowly walked to the front door. He shined his flashlight and saw the blood stains smeared on the walls. He was looking around when he heard a clicking noise on the ceiling.

" What was that ,who's there?" There was no reply. He walked by a nearby couch and noticed a female body. He leaned over and checked for a pulse, but she was as cold as ice. He took out his walkie talkie and reported the dead body to other officers and paramedics.

He heard the same noise again,coming from somewhere else. Then he saw where it came from,something about five feet tall with narrow,beady, green eyes. Then " woomp" it was gone. He looked around puzzled when something hit his shoulder. He reached over and touched it, it was sticky and warm. "Woomp" he jumped and turned around ,but there was nothing. Then something jumped onto his back. He swatted at it trying to get it off, but he couldn't.

The creature tore it's fangs into the back of the officers neck paralyzing him. There were sirens screeching from down the street. But was it too late he wondered. Officers ran out and were yelling at each other. They jumped in with there firearms aimed straight ahead, then up and down. They looked over and noticed the officer on the ground with something on his back. One of the officers fired at it, but they were too late. " woomp" and the creature and the officer both disappeared.

" What the, did you guys see that?"

" Ya." they all yelled, not knowing what else to say.

" What the hell was that?" They all stared and no one said anything because they didn't know. A paramedic walked in and asked

" Where's the body?"

" Over here" Said one of the cops. He went over to the body, but now,now there was something different. The body had the same lines embedded in the stone cold flesh. They looked at it and then put it on a stretcher and hauled it out. In the ambulance they tried to bring her back alive but they couldn't. When they arrived at the hospital they tried again, and they also ran tests on her. They figured that some type of venom from whatever attack her had paralyzed her, and also a there was a puncture to the spine .

George sat waiting at the police station when he noticed a shotgun and shells behind a glass case. He looked around everyone was gone. He walked over and tried the lock,no luck. So he smashed his elbow into it shattering the glass.

" I guess they can't afford bulletproof." He grabbed the shotgun and loaded two shells into it, he put the remaining in his pocket.

He got back into his car and left the station. He was driving until he came across the same alley he was at yesterday.He pulled over to the alley and got out of the car. There was garbage scattered everywhere. He looked down the alley and saw those same green beady eyes. The creature snarled at him, and George raised his gun. He fired at it ,a green liquid oozed out of many holes from the creature.

Then there was a noise "woomp" ,only this time the creature didn't go anywhere. After a few seconds the creature stopped bleeding,and the holes healed. George couldn't believe it ,and with a quick flash he took a picture. The creature started to glow from the flash of the camera. Then " woomp" and the creature was gone. George thought to himself, the creature healed itself and teleported. George examined the picture and only saw the beady eyes glowing. He walked down to were the creature was standing. Everything near the area was hot,he noticed some blood splattered on the wall. George picked up a piece of paper and wiped it on the blood. He then decided to take it to Mike. Speaking quickly he asked Mike if he could scan it. Mike took it and pushed it into the machine he used earlier.

" So whats all this?'' asked mike.

" Well" said George,

"This here is blood from something,and that's a picture of its eyes."

" Well once again George, this isn't showing up, what the hell is all this about anyway George,what are you doing?" George only stared at him not sure what to say, and he walked out leaving mike puzzled. George drove home unsure of what to do next, so he decided to watch TV. He put the news on and there were reporters at Miranda's house, talking about the incident earlier that day. Back at the station the officers were just getting back.

" What happened here?" one of the officers said.

" I don't know" one of them said,

"I told some guy to stay here, I'm gonna guess he did this." They all looked through the security cameras and saw someone smash the case ,take the gun and leave.

" Run up his face, get me a damn match!" The chief said. Back at Georges house, George started to fall asleep.

" Open up it's the police!" George quickly got up, and decided he wasn't going to jail, so he grabbed the gun and snuck out via the fire escape.

" Alright were coming in!" Then there was a crash, they kicked the door down.

George jumped down the ladder and ran to his car. He started his car, and the police heard it.

" Move , move ,move, he's on the run!!" George started to drive to the alley and parked two blocks away. He then snuck back to the alley not being made by the police. He went to where the blood was and noticed a crack in the wall. He leaned over and looked in, there was a bright light shinning through.

He started kicking at the wall,he decided that wasn't going to work, so he started to slam the end of the shotgun into it. He was slamming it for a few minutes until there was a hole wide enough for him, and he crawled through. Once he got in it was a whole new world. It wasn't bright at all, it was dark,pitch black. He looked around trying to figure out where he was. He heard strange noises, and noticed a large black cylinder with a purple haze inside it.

Suddenly "woomp" and a creature appeared next to it.

"Oh so that's how you get here." George said to himself. George aimed his gun at it's head and fired. It's head was blown from its body.Then behind him "thump,thump,thump". He turned around and something large was approaching him. When it got closer George noticed it had horns and the same green eyes.

The creature swung at George and grabbed him,dropping the gun George was lifted into the air. The creature was bringing George toward it's mouth.George grabbed his camera from around his neck, and flashed it at the creatures face. The creature growled in pain. George did it again this time the creatures face glowed orange. He flashed it again and the creature dropped him. George grabbed the gun and shot the creature in the face. It's face bursted into flames and blew away into ashes.

Suddenly screams surrounded George. Whatever they were they knew he was there.George reloaded his shotgun and looked around,there were too many for him to shoot. So he aimed his gun at the black cylinder in the center of the room,and fired twice. It shattered the first time and exploded the second time,purple haze poured into the room.George jumped and hid behind something, so not to get hit by the strange haze.

He then jumped up and ran toward the hole he came through. As he was running he noticed it was getting smaller. He ran faster and faster,when he f came close enough he jumped through the gap landing on a trash can on the opposite side. He rolled over and saw that the hole was just closing behind him. He looked at the pictures he took and clearly saw the creatures face.

" Maybe now they'll understand, and finally believe me." George walked back to his car and drove to the police station.

" Hey you!" one of the officers yelled

" You're under arrest!"

" Wait." George yelled

" Look at these photos, and here take the gun back." George dropped the gun so he didn't alarm the officer.

" What is this?" asked the officer.

" Do you remember those lines and the two deaths,that is what made those lines and killed you're officers." The officer stared at the pictures not sure what to say. George started walking away, when the cop said.

"Wait, I just want to say thanks,but you're not off that easy, come to the station tomorrow we need a statement from you" And George walked out. George got home and started to undress for bed, when he noticed something. On his chest he had the same lines that were on the paper and on the walls. He walked through the dark towards his mirror when he stopped, he saw the same green eyes. He looked around nothing else was there. He looked back into the mirror to realize those green eyes were his own.

The author's comments:
This piece I had wrote many years ago but used it in a later english class. The readers should be asking questions, like what and why? I would expect them to read it to the end.

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