The Dream

November 13, 2008
By Erik LaFountain, Post Falls, ID

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you couldn't tell if it was the dream world, or the real world? As if horrors told from campfire stories became real?

Leon, a rather large man that had a nice body tone, he was well built, sat up on his bed. His grey shirt seemed tight and he took it off. He began to sweat. It was getting abnormally hot. He flipped his black hair out of his face and slowly stood up. The heat grew increasingly hotter and hotter. He began to panic. The ugly, yellow carpet burned the soles of his feet. He jumped and dashed for the door on the other side of his room, trying to avoid the clothes and books he had stacked on his floor. Leon grabbed the door knob and it burned the light skin on his hand. He screamed and grabbed the door knob again quickly twisting it. The room was getting unbearably hot. He flung the door open and dove through it. He tripped and landed on hard cement, the cement felt cool to the touch of his hands and body. He panted and stumbled to his feet. He stood there in his cameo jeans. The cement was cold on his feet. He looked around and he seemed to be in an abandoned train station. There were spider webs on the ceiling, water dripped out of the side of the walls, it was dead quiet. Nothing. It seemed to be some scene from a horror movie he thought to himself.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" He shouted out into the darkness. It was lit by a flickering light in the corner and didn't do much.

He heard a noise coming from the rails bellow. He ran over to the edge of the platform and looked down. It was full of water. He saw a ripple in the water. He began to panic; he didn't want to know what was down there. He spun around and ran to the where the door was. Nothing, it was gone. When he ran to the stairs, it was blocked off by a gate. There were screams coming from the other side.

"What in the world is going on here?" He whispered to himself.

He gripped the bars of the gate. They were cold and rusty. Another sound came from the water. He walked over to the edge again and looked over. A whisper came up behind his head. He didn't understand what it meant. A rough hand came behind him and pushed him off the platform. He fell and landed in the water. It was a short drop and he stood up. The water was about waist high and he completely forgot about the noise that was in the water. Water dripped off his face, it was cold. Very cold, it also smelled of death and fear. A ripple in the water began to appear. It got bigger as a head and an arm came out of the water. It was a human head, but instead of eyes and a nose and such, it had a hole in its face. It seemed to have spiked death all around the hole and there didn't seem to be anything inside of its head. Its arm was small and had, what looked like, giant claws. Leon began to scream as it silently came ever closer to him. He turned around and began to walk in the water. Another came out in front of him, and another, and three more. He was backed into the corner, with no place to run. Closer they came. He could feel the sweat run down his face and the beating of his heart inside his chest. Their claws began to rip the flesh off him, his blood was pouring into the water. The pain was unbearable and he couldn't take it. He struggled, but more claws began to slice up his legs under water. He was dragged under and the face-less demons on top of him pushed him down. Their mouths chomped into his bones. He had no air and couldn't scream. It was the end.

The sun shined inside of Leon's room. He awoke and began to scream. Panting, sweating, he looked around his room, grabbing his legs. Seeing if they were still there. The look in his eyes turned to despair. He wasn't in his room, the sun was a bright torch, and his legs were gone. He had a hole in his side and a man with a long beard stood atop of him.

"Aye, ye are a lucky man. Not many survive being eaten by them things,"

"You... You mean those things are real?" His voice croaked.

"Yar, they be... the world ye once knew is long gone me boy."

Tears ran down his cheeks. Wasn't it a dream. Why and how. Would he wake up? Will his life go on like this?

"Now sit up, I have these ne legs for ye," said the old man with two metallic legs.

Leon slowly lifted himself up and the dwarf man put the legs on him. Leon stood up and felt the machines rumble and began to work. They moved and his body fell back. He smacked his head on the hard, stone floor. He cradled his head and looked up at the dwarf man. The dwarf man just laughed at him and grabbed Leon's arm and yanked him to his feet. The legs began to work again and he set off. The legs took him into the darkness, away from the camp. The dwarf man waved behind him and laughed.

Leon began to panic. The legs wouldn't stop and he didn't know how to turn around. He heard splashing beneath him; he was running in shallow water. Then, the legs suddenly stopped. The clinkering sound the legs made lowered to a low rumble, like a car engine warming up. He moved his leg and the metal leg moved with him. Every step he took, the legs seemed to rev like a race car driver getting ready to start the race. Sweat ran down the side of his cheek. He closed his eyes and began to run back to the camp. A dim light in the darkness that had engulfed him. The light was small and distant. He stopped as he heard a noise. A faint cry, the sound of those things. Leon knew what would happen if he stood there any longer. Those demons would surly come and he would be sure left for dead. Leon picked up his pace and began to sprint. The legs seemed to run at there own pace, faster and faster, right past the camp.

"Yar, hurry back boy. They be coming, I wouldn't be in the darkness if I were ye," the dwarf man laughed as Leon flew past him.

Leon looked back and tried to stop. Nothing happened, the legs kept going, faster still. When Leon turned his head a wall was in front of him. A good 20 yards away, 15, now 10. Closer and he sped up. Smacking into the wall, his forehead cracked and he fell backwards. The floor was wet, slimy, and hard. He closed his eyes as he starred into the nothingness of the ceiling. He fell into a deep slumber.

He opened his eyes quickly and stood up. The legs were gone and he was at the subway again. His head still bled from the wall he ran into. The pain was still there from the creatures. His mind was racing. What was going on? Why is this happening? The answers were unclear to him. The dimly lit room seemed to grow brighter and a blurry figure zoomed past him with a bright light and a lot of noise. He put his arm across his faced and opened his eyes. The room was fully lit and there were people, business people. Waiting to get onto a train, unaware of what was going on around them. A light flickered on the ceiling and every time it went dark, the death of the other subway came to him. He felt his forehead, the blood was slowly moving down his head. His legs were metal and he saw the dwarf man on a train, waving at him. The legs began to rev up and he burst through the crowd of people. They all jumped out of the way and scurried into a panic as this mysterious man, with weird legs, lunged out at them. The train set off and the legs kept him going near the edge. They made him fall and crash harshly into the rail below. Standing up shaking it off, and opening his eyes, the death was back, surrounding him. The legs revved and set off again, after the train. He ran and ran into the blackness, unaware of what lay ahead.

The author's comments:
Hey all, Just a little piece I wrote for class that turned out to be better then I thought. I write from here and there.. Never thought of this though. Hope ya liked it!

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MrsR said...
on Nov. 20 2008 at 10:47 pm
Excellent job, Erik!!! You should be very proud of yourself!


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