All Used Up

November 13, 2008
By Danni BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Danni BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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It started gradually. The Earth was full of resources, sure, but we greedy earthlings kept using them up, little by little. Then the time came when we realized what we were doing. But by then it was too late. There was nothing we could to in that amount of time to find something else to depend on. We had been working on using less and almost no gasoline by using hybrids, but they still weren’t amounting to much. Gas prices were near $10 a gallon, and the water amount was slowly descending. We were wasters and hoggers, and there was nothing we could do.

Gabby woke up to the speaker voice of her Mom telling her to get downstairs to breakfast.
“Gabby, honey!” the voice box boomed, almost loud enough to damage Gabby’s eardrum. “You’re going to be late to school!”
Gabby groaned and slipped out of her bed. The bed automatically folded up. She walked over to her wall and checked her plans for the day, and to see if Alyssa had sent her a message about the all-new super dog. She tapped “design” and because she was feeling especially happy, changed her wall to an orange floral design. She was very upset that she had the old version of digitalwall3.0 because digitalwall3.5 it had cooler effects, and you could even wake up to your favorite music. Besides, it was what all of her friends had.
Gabby went down for breakfast and then got on the air trek. The air trek was definitely old news, especially when she saw her friends riding their new air bikes.
Gabby entered school and sat down with all of her fellow students at a desk.
“You may access the instalearn.” said the adviser, standing formally at the front of the instarena.
The children hooked up the chords to their heads and then all waited patiently in their seats. The advisor pressed a button.
Pictures filled Gabby’s head. Facts upon facts came at her, and opinions, understanding and reasoning also. She saw everything flashing before her, and she absorbed it all. After about 1 minute, the advisor pressed the off button. Everyone looked around like they had just entered a new world, but then snapped back to reality. They all started talking and left little by little. That’s how life worked in 2056.
When Gabby got home her mother was watching the news. Gabby sat down with her. Her Mom didn’t have a job. Hardly anyone had jobs these days except for the inventors. The robots did everything else. They had started out with simple ones, and then worked out the bugs to help them do simple tasks. Now they were news anchormen, and firefighters. People who had no jobs were paid from the government enough money to live on with a middle-class lifestyle. The inventors got paid extra because they were the ones actually working. Her friend Diana’s Dad was an inventor. Gabby didn’t really like Diana’s personality or attitude, but she was rich, so she considered her her friend.
Now, Gabby listened to the anchorbot talk about the pollution, resources use, and other things. Gabby had never been aware of anything about this, and wasn’t concerned, but her mother was. She new that the Earth only had so many resources and that people were using them up quickly. She didn’t know how we were going to figure out what to do.

“The government has decided on an answer for the problem.” Said the anchorbot, expressionless. “Every family of two gets 1 barrel of water a week, family of one gets one half of a barrel, family of four gets 2 barrels, family of three gets one barrel, and anything greater than that shall be discussed with the government.”

“What?” Gabby said, standing up “Giving us our water in rations! They can’t do…”

“And also, there will be no more oil use up to this point. Everything that runs on oil will be shut down and stored away if it is being used. Everyone will have to find another way of transportation. If we do not do this now, our resources will be absorbed and we will no longer be living. We are to do this until we can find a way to get more resources. We will have the scientists study hard for this.”

“It’s not that bad…is it?” Gabby looked at her mother. She nodded. Gabby couldn’t believe that she didn’t know.
The next morning, Gabby was thirsty, but her mother told her that they were out of water for the week.
"Already?" Gabby questioned
Her Mom seemed to be tearing up.
"I accidentally tipped the barrel over and it all spilled out."
Gabby went back in her room to think. She turned on a movie in digitalwall3.0 and relaxed for a bit. Movies were a good way to relieve stress.
"Gabby!" Her Mom yelled, strain on her voice.
When Gabby rushed down stairs her mother was staring at the TV.
"Gabby." Her Mom said, her voice shaky "Pack all your things. Only one bag. We're going somewhere. Pack everything valueable. Go."
"Mom, whats-"
Gabby raced to her room, and as she packed her bag, thought of what could all possibly go wrong.
Her mother also had various bags, and walked her along the street. Gabby was too afraid to ask anything, so she kept quiet.
They walked for about an hour, until they were at big looking domes, that people were in lines to go in.
What was this? It seemed as if everyone was as distressed as she was.
When they finally got at the front of the line, my mother handed over birth certificates, and we went in.
It was huge. There must've been about 1 million people inside.
"As you know," An announcer said with a microphone "Our planet has lost almost all resources. We must leave. We are headed to planet Flucas. It might take weeks, or months. But we have chosen all of you people, because you have shown purpose in your lives. The successful and intelligent children and adults, to help us keep our new world we're going to, safe and full of resources...and be smarter than we were this time around. We're getting a second chance, everyone." The man then left.
Flucas? A new planet? Purpose? What was this all about? Gabby was scared, and upset. She embraced her mother in a hug and cried. They cried together, until the giant spaceship was ready to take off.

5 Weeks Later...

The hovering of the ship came to an abrupt halt. Gabby and her new friends all froze, along with the rest of the ship. No one spoke, or even dared to breathe heavily.
"We have now safely landed on planet Flucas."
Gabby heard some people clap and cheer, some cry, and some even scream. This was it.
Gabby and her mother were one of the first to get off of the plane.
This was going to be horrible. The sky was going to be red and there were going to be aliens. Gabby just wanted to go home.
But as they exited the ship, embracing the bright sunlight, everyone gasped.
It was beautiful, everything, so amazing and intricate in every aspect, and so incredible. The sky was bright blue, and there were flowers that Gabby never knew even existed. It was better than Earth. Green grass and beaches, and it was all her new home.
Only one thought majorly rand through Gabby's mind:

I'm going to do my best to start over and make THIS world, a better place!

The author's comments:
This piece of writing expresses my thoughts on pollution and resources. Some people may not realize how much we affect our environment. I hope this helps!

My name is Danni and I love to write, read and play soccer. I also love to make videos! :)

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