The stalker

November 13, 2008
By wintana habtu SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
wintana habtu SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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My house is an absolute chaos. My life is outta control. Today is Friday, September 1, 2008. This last day I’m going to be living in Maryland. “Kaitlynn, get down here we’re going to be late to go to the new house and I’m not waiting in traffic because of you!”My mom yelled up the stairs. “I’ll be right down mother!”I yelled back. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I have pale skin and baggie eyes. My lips are too thin and are a pale pink. I need some chapstick I thought. I’m so nervous for tomorrow when I move to Virginia. I can’t remember what the city is. I think its something like Barkwood or something. No, no, that’s not it. I guess I’ll just ask my mom……AGAIN.
As I walked down the stairs from my old bedroom, I can see all of the holes where the pictures of our family were….before my dad and mom divorced.. The only reason I have to move is because my mom wants to be near my dad so they wouldn’t have to put me in a car and drive for 3 hours in traffic every 2 weeks. I understand the money situation for gas, but I still hate that I have to start over my life. I just think of the humiliation of me just standing there and the teacher asking me stupid questions. I can just imagine a stuffy old lady saying, “Where you from darling?” or “Why did you move?” or even worse “Tell us a little about yourself.” I mean it isn’t like I can’t make my own friends.
I’ll miss my BFF Cammie. She is like, how do I explain her? She’s the most prettiest girl at Buckner Senior High School. See, the problem is that I am the smartest person and basically an unwanted at BSHS. So, you see my dilemma. Unwanted is what the cool and popular kids call people like me. Well, not anymore since I’m moving. So, I’m leaving today and Cammie had everyone, even people I don’t know, sign a huge banner that says “we’ll miss you!” Even thought I know it will only be her who misses me.
I went to go find my mom who was packing in the living room. She was staring at an old family picture for a long time till I said,” Mom, I’m ready, but one question, what’s the city we’re going to live in again?” Then she took the frame and put in a box.*sigh* “Okay, first of all, it’s Woodbridge honey and second, let’s go the car, it’s all warm and toasty.” I turned around and asked if she needed help with the boxes. She said to take the last one on the floor where the sofa used to be. I helped her carry it out. We came back to the door and my mom grabbed the keys. I looked at my mom and asked her,” Are you ready to finally leave the house?” She looked at me and locked the door, but didn’t close it. We had promised each other to walk out of the house together arms linked. I know I know corny right, but a promise is a promise. I linked my arm with her like man and wife and we closed the door together.
Right before I got in the car, I looked back at my old house. It had those nasty red shingles and a burgundy door. I turned around facing the car and saw a man. He was sitting in the driver’s seat of a silver car. He had on those big sunglasses that police men wear even though it was 8 in the morning and cloudy. He had a dark brown mustache and very thick eyebrows. He had a mole on the right side of his face. It was right on top of his chapped lip. I think he may need more chapstick than me. I got in the car with tears streaming down my face. I looked at my mom. She was crying too. I started laughing at how similar we are. She looked at me as if I were crazy. Then she joined in on the laughter. Now begins the 3 hour ride.
The ride wasn’t so bad. The new house is looking good if I do say so myself. What freaks me out is that there is like a house right next to us that has a beware sign and looks like it hasn’t been occupied for a very long time. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving what‘s in my house. I love my room. It’s so big and not near my mom. We even have a freaking real living room and a living room just for show. Do you know how much Icy Hot I used for my backaches that appeared when I was bringing boxes in? Man, I just want to lie down and go to sleep. The problem is there is no bed to sleep on since I didn’t bring that in yet. I love it here in this house it’s so much better than that townhouse I was living in before. We’ll just see about the school I’m supposedly going to LOVE.
I basically spent the next two days unpacking and getting ready for school. Oh and sleeping. Yes…… a lot of sleeping.
Today is Monday the first day of school is stinking Woodbridge, VA. So I was right .The teacher was old and did make me answer those questions but plus more. Everyone was laughing. After that I had to sit next to this really chubby guy who smelled like cat poop. Thank goodness on the other side of me was a window. Oh, no what am I going to do in the winter when I can’t open the window. So school definitely sucked. When I was walking home, which I hate doing, I saw the house again. This time there was a guy sitting on the porch. It was the same man I saw in the silver car. When I was in his view, I saw him look at me very weird. I just kept walking faster. Then, he said,” hey, you com’ here.” I looked at him in a what me kind of look and point a finger at my chest. “Yeah you, come here I want to talk to you.”I slowly walked toward him. “Hurry up.” I walked a little faster. I finally reached him. He stood up. I backed 2 steps away. “Don’t be scared little darling.” I was scared anyways.
“You look smart, can you help me fix my water pump. I just can’t reach it since it’s under the house and everythin’?”
“Sorry I have homework to do, but if I didn’t I would help.” Yeah, right.
“Oh, no that’s okay school comes first, by the way, what school do you go to?” Stalkish much? I mean what is his problem can’t he see I’m not an adult and to leave me the frick alone.
“I don’t even remember, sorry, I’ll get back to you on that one.” The heck I will.
“It’s okay, your new though, right?”
“Yeah, I am.”
“You’ll get used to it.”
“I’m sorry, but like I said I have homework to do, bye.” I slowly turned away and started walking towards my house before I even finished my sentence. “Okay, well, if you have to go, I was really enjoying talking to you, oh well see you later.” “Sure.” MAJOR SIKE, I will lock myself up, just so I don’t have to see him again. He has some major problems and needs to go to a psycho ward. How the heck does one person follow another person from one state to another? What kind of life is that? Better yet he needs a shower and to brush his teeth. Even better than that, he needs to leave me alone before I call the cops on him. I have 911 and 411 on my speed dials on my cell phone and I’m not afraid to call it. So tired must sleep. Yes!! No homework, I can sleep. As soon I walked into the door, my mom asked,” How was your day?”
“Suckish and don’t ask. No, I don’t want dinner. I want peace so I can sleep. Goodnight, mom.”
“Goodnight, Kaitlynn. You do realize that it’s only 3:18 in the afternoon right?”
“Yes, mom. I’m just really tired today, okay.”
“Fine, whatever don’t tell me.” I stomped up the stairs. I can’t wait for that nice comfy bed that has a new bed smell on it. I jumped on my bed. Mmmm… comfy.*yawn*…zzzzzzz…….
Oh, my god!! My window is open. I know for a fact it was closed when I fell asleep. I know it wasn’t my mom either because she hates the cold and would never open a window. I look out my window. There’s a window on the house next to me. It’s the stalker’s house. In the window is a pair of binoculars and a fishing pole. Why would he need a fish pole if he’s just looking out his window at the stars? OMG, what if he isn’t looking at the stars? What if he took the fishing pole and opened my window to watch me sleep? Oh, crap. Now I’m scared. I kept staring at the binoculars. Then, I saw something move. Someone was there. Watching me, watching them. The stalker popped up and took the binoculars and fishing pole and left. Then he came back and looked straight at me. I ducked I soon as I saw him. Please make sure he didn’t see me. Please make sure my mom is home right now. I looked out the window to check if he was there still. He wasn’t. I closed the window, changed my clothes, and went downstairs. My mom wasn’t there. Double crap. He could come in at anytime. I started majorly freaking out. I went to her bedroom and saw my mom at the computer next to her bed. “Mom.”I whispered. I turned the chair around and screamed. My mom was dead. Did he do this? She had a slit throat and blood all over her clothes. I started crying. I hate him so much I wish HE would die. Then I remembered my dad doesn’t live far from here. I took the phone that was on the nightstand and called him. “Hello.”
“Dad, mom is dead. I think the neighbor killed her, and is trying to kill me. Can you come pick me up…like now?”
“Oh my god, why does he want to kill you, why did he kill your mom? What is wrong with this guy?” So I told him what had happened.
“I’ll come right away. Go pack your bags.... NOW!” CLICK . My dad hung up the phone, but I didn’t want to. Instead I took the phone and called 411.
“Hello, what is your emergency?”
“Someone killed my mom and is coming after me; he is a stalker and lives right next to me.”
“What is your address?”
“I don’t really remember because I just moved here, can’t you just trace the call?”
“Okay that will take longer though, we’ll send someone.”
“Thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome, goodbye.”
The police weren’t fast enough. I heard sounds like footsteps. DOUSH, DOUSH, DOUSH, the sound of a person walking. I hid in the closet hoping he wouldn’t find me. The closets have little holes in them, so I was able to see everything. I can hear him coming up the stairs. He came in my mother’s room and looked for me. He left and then I exhaled. He came back. I think he heard me sigh. I cover my mouth with my hands. He comes closer to the closet. He opens it and sees me.

“Did you see my present? Now we can finally be together.”

“What the frick, you slimy little stalker? I will never be with EVER. So killing my mom was useless.”

“It’s not useless. We will still be together no matter what.”

“No, we won’t.” At that moment he grabbed my arm so hard I couldn’t get out of his reach.
“AHHHHHHH!” He covered my mouth.
“Shut up, you little brat, or I’ll kill you too.”
He dragged me down the stairs and out of the house. Since it was only 7 in the morning, no one was outside. He took me to his car. As soon as he opened up the car door for me to sit in, the police came. THANK GOD! The police took him away for murder and attempted kidnapping. The police told me he’ll be in jail for a very long time. I thanked each and every one of them. My dad came 5 minutes after that.
“Are you okay?” He asked. I gave him a big hug.
“I don’t ever think I’ll ever be okay without mom.”
“It’s okay kiddo. It isn’t your fault. He just a creepy sicko.”
“It is because he was after me and that was my so called present.”
“Come on lets go home.”
“Okay, I need a really long nap anyways, but first can I say goodbye to mom?.”
So every year on that day I go to her grave and pray. I miss her and my old life. I happy now though. My dad got married again and had twins so I don’t get a lot of sleep. But life will never be the same.

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