November 13, 2008
By Trevor O., Littleton, CO

A campfire is the best place for stories from any origin to be told. They are also are where many interesting things can happen to oneself. Some of these tales may seem impossible or imagined. I will tell you, this one is true.

It all happened to me and one of my friends in a campsite. Unfortunately we were forced to swear no never reveal the campsite’s name to anyone. We now just call it the crevices. These crevices are about one hundred feet high and have tunnels of stone and dirt traveling many yards under the surface. On top you can see down huge cracks to the bottom far below. One false move and you slip down a rock face you either get bashed to pieces on the sides of the crevice, or make it to the floor of the crevice only to have your fall broken by jagged rocks. If you can find a safe entrance to the crevices you will find yourself in a maze of small tunnels and squeeze holes. There is one tunnel no one ever dares to enter. We nicknamed it the black hole. If you are skinny enough to fit through the entrance to the black hole, you will find that you can’t see your hand even if it is less than an inch from your face. A flashlight barely pierces the darkness. It’s like trying to make a twelve inch hole in leather with a sewing needle. You can feel the Earth sucking the heat from your body.

They say that three witches once inhabited the crevices. They erected the stone labyrinth from the earth to hide them as they carried out their evil arts. It is said that the witches created an evil unnamed creature. They weaved parts of many beasts together with their dark magic to create this monster. Its mind belonged to the witches alone. This beast’s only purpose was to carry out the dirty deeds of the three witches. They made one dangerous mistake when making this brute. They gave it the heart of a child. It had a playful need woven into its twisted soul. To keep the fiend content they had to invent a game. One witch cursed another. To pass the curse on the witch must tap another being. If the curse was left on one being’s shoulders for too long it would consume the host’s mind, yet keep it immortal until passed once again.

They were in the middle of one such game when they were discovered. In their hurry to flee they left the beast with the curse on his head. He was captured and never heard from again.

Now I know that you believe that what I’m telling you is a load of bull, I know I did when I first heard it, but if you ever visited this site, you would feel the presence of something ominous lurking nearby. Like a one big Sauramon’s Eye from Lord of the Rings, watching your every move.

My friends and I had decided to hike up to the crevices after lunch. It was a typical camp stove lunch of freeze dried baked beans and rice. I know it may sound kinda’ gross, but after a breakfast of powdered milk mixed with freeze dried eggs, it was ok. We threw on our daypacks full of water, powdered Gatorade mix, flashlights, and power bars and climbed our way up the mountain to the crevices.

We spent the first couple hours running through the wider brighter tunnels having an exciting pinecone war.
“Ow!” my friend whimpered as a stone bounced off his skull.
“Gotcha!” I yelled.

The rock’s path after striking my pal’s hard head is as follows:
First it hit the ground and rolled down, down, down the sloping side of the slope. After bouncing of several smaller rocks, it hit my pack with a loud thud. My pack teetered on a ledge and fell. It landed in none other than the gaping mouth of the black hole.

We all froze in our places. We heard it bounce off several more surfaces, but then we heard an unexpected thing, the unique clank of metal hitting metal. I knew the pack had a metal buckle on it, but what was the metal object the buckle struck?

No one wanted to risk a trip into the hole but my pack contained several important objects of mine, including my flashlight. We bickered for a long time until it was decided to go back to camp for the other flashlight and come back after dinner to retrieve my pack.
By the time we got to the spot, it was getting dark out.
“Maybe we should come back tomorrow.” My friend offered.
I declined, “We leave tomorrow morning, remember? Anyway, it would be a pity that we came all the way up here for nothing.”

We both squeezed through the hole and stopped. We heard some sort of low grumble from further in the cavern.
“It was probably j-j-just my stomach.” I stuttered.
“We just a-a-ate, y-y-y-you can’t be v-very hungry.” He replied.

Our lights flickered on but most of the light was swallowed by darkness. Creeping forwards, my friend and I advanced into the unknown. We passed several turns but didn’t dare stray the main path. We moved several more yards and I caught glimpse of my pack. I moved for it and noticed a chain was underneath it. CHAIN?!? What would that be down here for? I picked up my pack and turned to my friend.

“I got my pack, let’s go, it smells like death in here.”

My friend wasn’t even looking at me, but past me with a blank look on his face, his light fixed on something behind me. I turned around slowly only to behold a large hairy thing facing me. It looked dead, eyes, or eye, was shut tight in a painful expression. Chains held it’s arms to the wall. I reached out and poked it.

A huge bloodshot eye shot open and focused in on me. A deep sound resonated from its massive throat. We backed up quickly. What ever this one eyed creature was began to writhe and strain against the chains. The chains didn’t last a second. IT was free. We turned and ran as fast as we could. The path to the entrance was different somehow. I disregarded it. We could hear the panting of the Cyclops and the pounding of its feet as it trudged after us. We took a left and found ourselves at a fork in the path. We looked at each other with fear.

“If we split up one of us will survive, but together we both parish!” I yelled, my voice was quivering with fear.

“I’ll go left, you decide what to do.” He said as he ran to the left.
I swung right, selfishly praying the monster would go left and I would escape.

No luck, I could hear the THING trudging close behind me. I ran as fast as I have ever run in my entire life. I turned for a second to see the monsters status on my tale only to run full speed into a dead end, DEAD END!!!!!

I screamed as tears of fright flowed from my eyes. I turned and saw IT stop only a few feet away from me. It grinned a cruel toothy grin. I closed my eyes; I couldn’t stand to see this thing’s teeth before they dug into my flesh. It’s stench was unbearable. A firm grimy hand clawed at my shoulder. I was ready to let out my last scream but something it grumbled stopped me.

“Taaaaaaaaaahhg!” It growled, and fell to the ground with a hollow thump.

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