November 10, 2008
By Caleb Rier, Spokane, WA

My name is Wendy Avery. I see my life as normal. I do all the normal stuff, hang out with my friends, go see movies, and stuff like that. I have a boyfriend, his name is Daniel White. I live in my house by myself, but I’m trying to get Daniel to move in with me. It’s a two bedroom one and a half bath. There is one weird thing about this house, I feel like I’m always being watched. Just yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night and I swear I saw an eye looking down at me from my ceiling. I rubbed my eyes then looked back at my ceiling to see no eye. I convinced myself that there was no eye and there never was. I went back to sleep, but It wasn’t easy. Well its time to go to bed now. Hope I don’t see any eyes tonight.
A loud noise just woke me up. I wonder what that noise was.

I’m still awake and I just heard another noise just like the last one. I know where its coming from this time. Above me, the attic. I roll at out bed and head down the hall towards the threshold of my attic. I looked up at the square entrance of my attic.

“Should I open it?” I wondered.

“I mean it could just be a stray bird”

I didn’t dare think of what else it could be. I opened the cabinet across from me and took a flashlight out from it. I turned it on and stared at the square piece of wood that was the door to my attic. I started opening the door slowly at first and then I started opening it faster. It was opened fully and I shined my light from my flash light into the attic. It suddenly flickered off and all I could see was the dark abyss of the attic.

“Hello.” A deep voice said.

I screamed and started to run, I don’t know where I just ran. I looked back to see a shadow hit the ground and start to run at me. I looked around for a way to escape. The door to my garage. I sprinted to the door. My chest was on fire, but I ignored that. I stopped at the door and turned the door knob as hard as I could. Locked. I took a few steps back and went shoulder first into the door. It flung open and I fell to the cold hard floor. I got up but there was a throbbing pain in my leg. I looked back at the hallway there was no one. I didn’t have time to think about where that man went. I grabbed the keys from the rack and limped to the car door. I opened it and jumped in. I shoved the key in the ignition and started the car. I put it in reverse and then it hit me, I didn’t open the garage door. I had no time to get out of the car and open the door with that man running around my house so I stepped on the gas. My car went right through my metal door of my garage. When I made it to the street I put the car in drive and sped down the road.

“Finally I’m away from that man.” I said aloud.

“Hello.” Said the same deep voice.

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