I, Jane

November 8, 2008
By Kristina Ryshkovaya, Versailles, KY

“JANE,” MARCUS CALLED, ENTERING MY CHAMBEROOM, HIS FACE OF COURSE, BORED US USUAL. I turn my glowing, red eyes to look at him, dropping the doll I had been playing with.
“Yes, Marcus?” I ask, my eyes guarded.
“Aro requires your presence, Jane. And Alec’s.” He nodded toward my twin, Alec, who was reading from a book in the corner, completely ignoring Marcus.
“ Of course, if my master wishes it.” I rise quickly, causing the blue satin gown I had been wearing to rustle loudly against the ancient stone ground. Roughly, I pull my long, dark hair behind my shoulders, and drag my tiny body to the corner where my brother sat.
“Alec, Aro requires our presence.” My red eyes held a furious, deadly look.
“Yes, yes. Coming, sissy.” He put his book down regretfully, and stood up to join me.

We walked side by side through the enormous castle, and were soon joined by Felix, and Demetri, our trackers and loyal arms men. Demetri’s eyes were a dull red, unlike the piercing, hungry bright red that Alec, Felix, and I held. I asked Demetri who was his latest target and if he saved any for us. He laughed a low, hollow laugh.

“A couple of fat, juicy humans cruising on a ship in the Caribbean islands. Yes, yes, a fair portion is with Caius.”
“And?” I asked. He knew what I wanted to ask.
“Yes, yes.” He threw a round bag at me, tied tightly on the top with a bright white string. I opened it eagerly. Inside was a long, shiny necklace and at the end of it was a large diamond that nestled comfortably in my small palm. I squealed, delighted, and put it on at once. Alec rolled his eyes.

Finally, we reached the large oak doors that led into Aro’s throne room. I pushed it open impatiently, wondering what it was that Aro wanted. I eyed the room, and spied my master immediately, and floated besides him in a matter of seconds.

“Ah, Jane.” Aro smiled at me, showing his dazzling, perfectly-shaped teeth. “My dear, dear Jane.” He softly patted me on the head, and turned to greet Alec. I grinned, pleased by his gesture, and started to flow to my regular place beside’s Aro’s seat, but he stopped me.

“Wait! What is this beautiful jewel hanging around your neck, darling?” He quizzed me.

I rolled my eyes. “Just a necklace Demetri got for me during a hunting trip.” I tried to make my voice sound bored because I knew if I got excited, Aro would take the necklace away from me and add it to his collection of unique jewels.
But Aro wasn’t fooled. “Give it to me.” It was a command, not a request.
What? I, Jane of the Volturi, was not used to being refused.
“No! I want the pretty necklace! Demetri got it for me!” I shrieked, refusing to let go.

Aro remained calm. He was used to my tantrums. “Jane,” he reasoned, “Jane, Master has another use for this thing. I promise to get you a much more beautiful necklace, a sapphire necklace, to make up for this sad excuse of a necklace. It won‘t give your lovely skin as much attention as the sapphire one would.” He casually threw into the hands of a waiting guard.
“Now, dearest,” -he continued as if there was no interruption,-”Jane, what do you smell.”

I winkled my petite nose. “Nothing.” I scowled. I was still upset over the necklace.
“Smell more deeply.” Aro commanded, his eyes never leaving my face. And then I smelled it- blood.

to be continued....

The author's comments:
I am a writer. I breathe and eat writing. This short story is my verison of Stephanie Meyer's twilight series, the last book, breaking dawn, but from Jane's percpective. This is the frist section and I am hoping to right many more sections

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