the highs and lows of high school

November 11, 2008
n- so before we begin i have to tell you about those 4 kids summer. june and sally have always been friends. but it wasn't untill they met joe and mark that there summer would changed, or that school would become diffict jorney. but i am getting ahead of my self. wean the group frist met was at the beach house, june and joe met frist.
june- sally i would like you to met joe and mark.
sally-(after downing a exra large mt. dew) hi! im sally!
mark- ok.....then?(alittle creeped out)
mark- (thinks- she's highper but cute)
n- after that started love in the group which also leads in the story---
n(con)- lets begin, we begin our story with two 9th grade girls ( june and sally) finding there frist class.
june- *shigh*
sally- whats wrong?(shifting books)
june- nothing- well- just-(looks at celing)

june- time for class (shaken)
n- as they enter the classroom, everyone there is talking( june and sally- window seat across joe and mark)
mr b.- welcome to 9th grade class! im *cough* mr b. pleace take out a peace of paper (waits)
mr b.- now write your name on the top (waits) pleace write the qustions on the front bord and once your done pass it to the person across from you (walks around room)
sally- (handing paper to mark) here you go! (smileing)
mark- thanks
mark- (thinking- #1. what is you name? = mark m #2. do you have sibs? = (what??) no #3. do youhave pets? = yes- dog)
mr b.- ok class *choughs* pleace pass the paper back
sally- thanks (reading) mark m!
mark- just call me mark (annoyed)
sally- ok! mark!(happy)
mark- (scard) why are you so happy?
sally- becose im always happy on the frist day of school,silly arn't you?
mark- not really (scaredd of sally)
mark- (to joe) dude, she scares me
joe- she just happy,let her be
sallly- june (pokes june)
june- what sally (holding sally's arm)
sally- mark m, is not happy
june-(not paying attion anymore) ok
sally- ok!! (mad)
june- (shocked) what?
sally- nevermind!
june- what did i do?
mr b.- here uisi a packet of my rules (passing packets)
june- man, this alot o0f rules
joe- i agree
june- who are you?
joe- joe a.
june- ok,then?
joe- and you?
june- june k.
mr b.- now that we know one each other
mr b.- joe- (looks at paper) is there something you want to share with the class?
joe- no sir
mr b.- good
june- harsh (supriprised) sorry (wisper)
mr b.- stop talking! (looks at them)
joe- (wis) about what, you did nothing wrong
june- how about we talk later? (wis)
joe- ok (wis)
n- we come aguin to the students joe, june, sally, and mark in socil studes
jo,ju,s,m- (sit next to window)
mrs m.- don't get comforable you will be changing seats soon, class
students- awwwwwwww!
mres m- shh! i don't want to hear that or i will make them permanit!
sally- man, she strick! (wis)
joe- yah (wis)
mrs m.- ok (telli8ng student seat arrangment)sally s, ryan r (student1), mark m, sidney w (student2), chris a (student 3), bell b (student 4), joe a, june k.
joe- sweet! at least im by someone i know
june- yah, allthow it would be nice to have mark and sally with us
joe- hopeful this is not permenit
mrs m.- ok, class pleace pass back this packet down(passing packets out) your rows
sally- (looks at packet/ pass back)
sally- (writing note: mark, isn't funny how mrs m. has the same last name as you? sally (pass note)
mark- (looks at note/reply: sally, you are suppost to pay attion, not write notes! and no its not funny! mark (pass note)
june- wow, mark seems mad, i wonder whats going on?
joe- sally is probley bothering him
june- oh, well- thats always been what sally douse
n/p- hello! im sorry to interupt- the bell system is being fixed, so wean you hear the---

n/p- you are free to move to your next class- thank you!
mrs m.- pass up the packets (colltet) have a nice day!

mark- sally!sally!SALLY!HELLO!(waveing hand in frount of sally)
sally- (moving hand)whos he?
joe- thats trevor
june- i think we have frist perided with him
sally- he's cute!
mark- whatever! (walks away)
joe- whats his problem?
sally- huh?(finnliy paying attion)
june- nothing saly! (sarcastic)
joe- (going to find mark)bye see you later!
june/sally- bye!!

n- so! mark might be mad at sally. ok he is, but sally is to into trevor to notice. june and joe finnaliy found mark and calmed him down. so, sally who is staring at trevor. while june and joe try to eat peacefully while trying to holding down mark.

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