Otra Sombra

March 6, 2014
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You know that shadow you see in the corner of your eye every now and then. That same shadow is what you would call a hallucination. It is the same thing that causes people to see things that others don’t believe is there. People are sent to hospitals or facilities because they see these things, these people.

Little do you know is that those hallucinations are real. Those crazy people are not crazy they are favored. Those ‘hallucinations’ are living creatures. They are all around us living out their lives just as we do. I have given them a name called the Otra Sombra. They are like us except they have one difference. They. are. fast. The only reason that we do not seem them everyday is because they exist on a plane that is always moving. Their bodies vibrate constantly at a speed so fast that the human eye cannot perceive. Because of this they also move as in act really fast. Where it would take them 30 seconds to walk a mile it would take you at least longer than ten minutes to do so. They are the exact definition of living the fast life.

The only reason we see them sometimes is because their constant vibration sometimes falters. For some reason unknown they stop vibrating and become visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately this only happens for a few seconds so we regard them as hallucinations. Even so there are some of them that can do this at will. Those that can, do this so they can learn more about us. They ‘favor’ some of us and those are the people that are regarded as crazy.

Despite the fact that their existence is amazing there are some bad ones that do not wish to learn more about us. They want the very opposite. That dark shadow you see in the corner of your eye and the feeling you get when you think someone is in the room but there isn’t. That’s them. They watch and wait to kill us.That’s the reason the police never find some criminals. It’s because they live on a different plane. No one knows why there are some that want us dead but my theory is because they might be able to see us everyday. It may get annoying. That’s the simple reason. Others may think the reason to be more sinister. Oh and those killers are what inspire most of the horror movies we have today.

For now this is all I know of them and I will warn you. When you see a dark shadow. do not shrug it off and make sure you are always with another human being. When you are alone you become most vulnerable. The worst way to be killed is to be killed and realize that your killer will never be caught.

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