Area 51

November 6, 2008
Boots hitting cement floor. That is the noise that 20935, dreads most. His many legs and arms writhe in terror at the sound. His purple and orange eyes roll crazily around, all ten of them! He shrinks back into the very back of his fiberglass cage. But he can’t escape. He hisses and whimpers in his own tongue, but the boot men don’t listen. They ignore his pleas for mercy and drag him away of for testing. They stick needles in him and probe him everywhere. 2000935 is certain that they will one day kill him. He has given up hope of escape.

FBI agent Jake Hayes sits in his office reviewing the latest tests. The top-secret area he was head of, Area 51, was experiencing problems with some of the aliens. They were reacting badly to the tests. Suddenly a man poked his head in the door. “Sir!” he said, saluting.
Jake rose. “Yes, lieutenant?” Jake asks. “We have captured a new UFO sir! Its ship crashed, sir. You may want to come see it, sir!” Jake rushes out the door, shoving the lieutenant aside.

Dr. Omaha pulls on a pair of gloves as she rushes into the test room. The new alien sits calmly on the bed. It doesn’t appear to be afraid of her like all the others. It yawns. Dr. Omaha blinks. This creature is almost human! It doesn’t look human. It looks more like a lizard than anything else. It is deep purple, with a barbed tail and strange, gold flecked eyes. No, it could not be human. She opens the door, and steps in. That’s when the chaos begins.

Jake Hayes rushes to the viewing window of the operating room. Its like a horror movie, but he can’t turn it of. The lizard-like creature is tearing and ripping with its razor sharp teeth and claws. It swings its barbed tail like a club, sending the doctors and surgeons trained in the alien field flying. Dr. Omaha rushes to the window, trying to escape, but can’t make it. The lizard creature grips her in its rock hard jaws. Jake turns around. He can’t watch. He pulls out his radio and calls security.
“Mayday, Mayday! Loose Alien, I repeat, Loose Alien!” Jake races down the hall. He hears the shattering of glass behind him, but doesn’t stop.

The Lizard-creature speeds down the hall. It goes past many doorways, but doesn’t stop. It knows it destination. Finally, it skids to a halt in the alien holding room. The alien makes a disgusted noise in its throat at the side of the cruel, fiberglass cages. Going up to one of the cages, it speaks to the alien inside in its own tongue. Suddenly, the Lizard creature smashes the glass with its tail. Going up to the rest of the cages, it does the same. It makes a growling noise and motions the aliens that it freed to follow it to its ship.

Jake dashes to the front of area 51, but it is to late. The slick, black alien ship rises into the air with a whoosh, and disappears rapidly. He swears angrily as the SWAT team stares on in dismay. The aliens had escaped! He would be fired. “What should we do, sir?” one of the SWAT members asks. Jake stares at the spot where the ship was.
“We’ll have to come up with a cover story to explain all the deaths.” Officer Hayes replies.
“A nuclear explosion sir?” another man suggests.
“That is such a lame excuse.” Officer Hayes says disgustedly. “We can do better.”

“Earlier this week a large nuclear explosion killed 12 government employees.” Officer Hayes says at a

Press conference two days after the Lizard-creature wrecked Area 51. “We are forced to close the research center in which it occurred. More details on the nature of the explosion will be released next week.”

On a planet on the edge of the Milky Way, Ssilla Koobrhan, captain in SPOOF reconnaissance, speaks to Grand Chancellor Revoonswar in his throne room.
“You did well, Captain Koobrhan. You rescued all our captive operatives with minimal casualties.” Ssilla smiles and chuckles darkly.
“Minimal casualties on OUR side you mean, chancellor.” She says. “Did you hear about the cages that the Humans used? The cruelties! Not even a bed! But they were strong. Almost as strong as steel” The Chancellor shudders, his florescent green scales rattling. “Yes, Captain, I heard. Humans. Well, anyway, long interplanetary flights tend to tire one. Go and rest.” Ssilla nods gratefully and exits, leaving the Chancellor deep in thought.

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