End of the World

November 6, 2008
By ruben hooper, Littleton, CO

I was watching TV when the noises first started.
At first, I thought it was just the TV but even when I muted it, the noises continued. It sounded like growling. I got up and went to my window and looked at the street. The streetlight in front of my house cast an eerie orange glow over the street. I could still hear the noises, louder now. But there was no movement on my street except for the few fallen leaves that had not been raked this fall. My little suburban neighborhood was actually quite tranquil. You could get lost in the peaceful bliss if you stared to long.

That’s when the first creature appeared at the end of the street. At first I just saw the silhouette of it. Its form was darker than the night that surrounded it. I just thought it was a person out for a nice, peaceful walk under the stars. But then another silhouette appeared behind it. And another. And another. Until there were a dozen of the things stalking down our street. Again, I just thought it was a group of friends, walking under the stars. But then I noticed how big they were. They stood at least eight feet in height and now that I could actually see them better, they gave off an eerie red glow. That was when I figured out that they weren’t human. I ran down my stairs, into the garage and grabbed the shotgun and a box of shells full of salt. My dad had used the salty shells when someone had tried to rob us.
I loaded the shells into the slot and jacked the pump. I walked to the front door and the first of the creatures were walking up our driveway. I waited for the lead creature to get to the front of our little green Honda before I opened the door. The first creature spotted me and roared. But its roar sounded like a baby goat screaming for it’s mother. It started to charge up the rest of the driveway and I pulled the trigger. It screamed in pain as the salt went into its skin and it reminded me of nails going across a chalkboard. I shot the next one and it had the same reaction. After that, I fled from my neighborhood. I knew I couldn’t stay there but everywhere I went, the creatures were there.
* * *
That was about a month ago. The creatures still stalk the streets above my head. I don’t know how many humans are left. Maybe I’m the only one. Maybe there are more people hiding in these sewers, thinking the same thing I am.
I have enough food and water to last about a week but then I will have to go back above ground. That scares me more than anything.
How long will it take for the creatures to get down here? When they get here, how long can I fight them off?
I’m writing this because it is my last resort to keep a grip on my sanity. I have been down here in the dark with stinking sewage around me for a month. I’m losing it.
I don’t know how much longer I can last down here…

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This article has 1 comment.

on Nov. 14 2008 at 12:25 am
*purr* I like it - You're a pretty spiffy writer


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