The Real Reason

November 6, 2008
By Jeremiah Mulloy, Littleton, CO

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the breeze was cool. It was the perfect day in the golden fields of Colorado. The grass was tall and a golden brown. Across the field stretched a train track. It stretched as far as the eye could see. In the middle of the track there laid a penny. A jewelry train came rushing down the track full speed and hit the penny. The train was thrust off its’ tracks. The Jewelry was scattered everywhere. A gang of thieves hiding out near by happened to see the accident. Taking advantage of their good fortune they gathered up all they could carry in their bags. One of the robbers bag had a small hole in the bottom of it just big enough for a solid 12 carrot gold watch to fall out. The glitter of the watch in the sun caught the eye of a raven flying just over head. The bird swooped down and snatched the watch and flew away. This wasn’t a very bright bird because it flew into the engine of a commercial airplane. The watch fell and gained so much speed that it hit a car in the town below and it blew up. It just so happened that a very religious man hooked on the end of the world saw it. Convinced it was the first sign of the apocalypse ran to the church to tell the priest. The priest believed the man and told him to keep quiet. The man not being a good listener told every one in the town. The people were frightened and the town plunged into utter chaos. People were running everywhere. One such person was running with a single strike any where match. The person tripped on a crack and struck the match on a building which started a massive fire on the tops off all the buildings. The fire department arrived to put the fire out. They screwed the hoses into the fire hydrants and they exploded. The water was pouring out into the street. There was now a fire a flood and mass mayhem throughout the people. One man who still had some sense ran to the only place that was not flooded or on fire, the Oreo factory on the hill, and ran in as fast as he could. He slammed the door behind him and sat in a corner. The water was rising and reached the factory. The water shorted out the Oreo cream machine and it blew up. The man was covered In cream. He ran out screaming for help but all the people could hear was muffled screams that sounded like roars. They thought he was a monster and put a $1,000 reward on his head. Frightened and unable to communicate he fled to the outskirts of town where he hid in a rug factory. A worker was startled by the man and rolled him up in a rug and through him out the window into the river made by the flood. He drifted down stream to a small farm where the farmer took him and turned him in for the reward. The farmer took that money and threw a huge party to celebrate. And the noise from that party is what scared the chicken across the road.

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