The Activists’ War

November 5, 2008
By Alec Fiala, Denver, CO

In the year 2025, an Empire has taken control of the earth. Although it brought unification, it also forced citizens to surrender many rights they had known before. A small group called the Activists has risen in attempt to take down the empire. The group’s first mission has been a success. They raided a major city close to the empire’s base. From there, they destroyed the plans for an orbiting space station that could pinpoint a place on Earth and completely obliviate it for hundreds of miles down. With the plans gone, the empire is no longer able to create the station. However, the group’s victory came with a cost. They lost their main commander, a brilliant engineer named Isaak to the empires new reinforcements while in retreat after the plans were destroyed. With their leader gone, second in command, Zaniya decides to rescue him from the empire’s clutches.

In the ravaged deserted town that was once called Denver before the empire’s reign of terror, lies the Activist’s base.

“Okay everyone. Isaak is trapped in one of the empire’s orbiting space stations. The one he’s on is called the Xium. Of course Emperor Xander isn’t stupid, so the craft is heavily guarded by swarms of fighters. Collin, your job is to act like you’re leading an assault on Xander’s flagship The Xantos. During this time, Trenton and I will lead a small team into the main hangar. Hopefully by this time, my contacts aboard the ship will have created havoc allowing the prisoners to get to the hangar,” explained rebel second-in-command Zaniya.
“One question, When do you plan to do this assault?” asked Collin.
“Right now,” Zaniya replied, “Get the crews to their fighters. “

On board the empire’s station the Xium, Isaak worked carefully to disable his ankle bracelet which would send a 4000 volt electric charge though his body if he attempted to escape. His peace was broken by loud gunshots outside. The rebel spy Kylee suddenly threw the door open and ducked in.
“Hurry!” She exclaimed, “Ezrad has lead his forces to take down a supposed rebel attack and Zaniya is about to land a shuttle in the hangar. And don’t worry about the ankle bracelet I disabled it.”

Isaak jumped up and followed her out the door. There he met up with the officer that served under him in most battles, Trystan.
“Good to see you sir,” Trystan said, “Never thought we’d get a chance to break out.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden barrage of bullets coming toward them.
“Down,” Kylee shouted!
“At least the empire’s troops don’t know how to shoot or we’d have been dead,” grumbled Isaak. Suddenly the P.A. system blared on and a terrified commander shouted:
“Rebels have landed in the main hangar! All available men report to Hangar 10!”
“Oh good, Reinforcements have arrived!” Izaak cheerfully said.
“There are still about five hundred soldiers aboard this ship. Hurry! Zaniya can’t hold out forever!”

The group hurried down a winding corridor until they reached hangar 10. The empire’s troops were also running into the hangar. Zaniya spotted them and attempted to give them some cover fire. Running across the hangar to the small activist’s shuttle was horrifying. Isaak heard men around him crying out. Gritting his teeth, he ran even faster. He hurdled over the barricade that Zaniya had hastily constructed and ducked under it. His remaining men did the same.
“Hurry, Get inside the ship! We don’t have much time!” Zaniya exclaimed.

Isaak’s men scrambled aboard the transport shuttle. Behind them Zaniya led her troops into the ship. Zaniya jumped into the pilot’s seat and started to power up the craft. They shot out of the hangar just as the empire had started a barrage of rocket fire.
“Collin! We escaped from the hangar. How are you faring?” Zaniya said over the radio.
“Fine at the moment, but that could change at any moment. We lost about five fighters to the empire’s pilots. We have found a weakness in the empire’s flagship though. One more pass and my fighters should disable the power and possibly destroy it.”
“How long will that take?”
“Let’s see, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… It’s going to blow! All fighters retreat!”
“How do you know?”
“One of my fighters hit the fuel cell accidently.”
“Ouch! Great hit Collin.”
“Look, the empire is retreating!”

The empire’s remaining mobile space stations shot off into space at thousands of miles per hour. It took years for the Activists to rebuild the government, but when it was completed, the world finally stood united and there was truly peace on earth.

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