November 2, 2008
By Anna Miller, Phillips, WI

The soft ambers smoldered on the hot fire. The warm luminous glow creating something of scintillation in my eyes as I pondered what life had become. The smoke danced up in light, cloudy curves towards the stars, of which my life was reflected upon, my only nightmare being the thought of being here once again in 365 days. I scorch what is left of the fire, yet another flame murdered. I stand as the cool ground shifts beneath my feet, and the leaves break. I close my eyes and take in a rather hard inhale, holding it in I make a wish, and let it out. I here by conclude that I may try to circumvent life for as long as I will live it. Tis’ quite the hindrance, life, a divine chaos in which we all form. I respire once more, and take my leave from this mountaintop, with the promise of returning, all too soon, hanging in the air.

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