The Great Escape

October 30, 2008
My name is PeeWee, and I was going for a ride in my owner's little Altima one morning. Before you say it, yes I'm a dog. Get over it. I was sticking my nose out the window. I love to do that. Sweetie, my sister, and my huge friend, Little Bit, were hanging out the other window. It was awesome! It was the day I got my great escape.

My kiddo was getting out of the car to go school, and I had a brilliant idea. There was a box by the window! I could climb up it and jump out! So, I did. I was trotting alongside my kiddo, but she didn't even notice! So I got her attention by runnning out in front of her. She literally freaked out and started to play chase with me. It was a trap!

Her friend was around the corner. My kiddo yelled for her help and bam! Within five minutes, I had five other 7th graders trying to capture me! All I wanted to do was learn some division, gosh. I got caught. My daddy came in the little red truck to get me. By that time, this nice little boy had petted me and stuff. But this strange girl was holding me the entire time. I was captured, and I sure wasn't going to class. So much for my great escape. . .

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