Give it to him Jose

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

“Give it to him Jose” Give it to him Jose is a phrase passed down generation from generation, tossing it out flippantly whenever and wherever. But do we really know where this phrase came from. Well I have questions here that are quickly followed by answers. #1. Was he (Jose) in fight? Perhaps it was a cool Santa Monica night. The streets lights were dimly lit, the night was quiet. Maybe an old man on the street corner, and a car would pass every now and then. Then all of the sudden the old man looks up in a startled fashion, he had been sleeping and the noise of screams and yells had awakened him. Down the street two men had created quit a stir. See one man had to much to drink and decided that he was in the mood for violence. So he approached this other man saying “I am Kimbo Slice do you want a piece of me”. “No” the other man said “I want a slice of you”. If this was Kimbo slice then I figure this other guys name is Jose. These men were quickly drawing a crowd. Pushes and shoves had started. Some more trash talk was thrown out like “I am going to eat your children” and stuff like that. Kimbo gave the first punch; it was a crashing blow to the head that sent Jose to the ground. Jose rose slowly. One of his buddies yelled out “Give it to him Jose” thus the saying was born. I would imagine that Jose went on to win that fight, but who knows. #2. Was Jose getting mugged? I’ll set the stage. The cool, December, Monday, night air was crisp and cool, and mugging was in the air. See Jose and his wife had gone on a dinner date with Jose’s wife friends. Jose really did not want to go cause of Monday night football and his fantasy team. He was in a league with a purse of 1000 dollars; this could be the year he thought. Only down 15 points with the kicker and a wide receiver left on his team, a Championship victory was in the midst. Urging his wife to cut the night short with the so called friends of hers, his wife gave in. they left the restaurant at 7pm living only 8 blocks away they had walked to the restaurant. They had started home only 4 blocks away now a man in an overcoat and long grey hair approached them. ‘Give me your wallet” he said while raising the gun to Jose’s head. Panic had struck the wife, all Jose could think about was getting home. But he was not going to give up his wallet. The man said it one more time. Silence. Jose’s wife leaned over whispering “just give it to him Jose”. Thus the saying was born. Jose reached into his pocket knowing that $1,100 was in the billfold. The man took it and off he went. Jose did win the championship but lost $100 dollars. Poor, poor, Jose. #3. Was Jose just getting yelled at? A mother and her three young children were attending a major league baseball game, the mother had bought one cotton candy the other sour worms, and for the other a drink. The game had not yet begun and finding the seats seemed impossible with three little ones on the run. The usher eventually helped them out and 9 innings was about to start. One of the children was named Jose and he had taken the cotton candy from the other. The child that had been robbed of the candy had started to cry. The mother so flustered turned to Jose and yelled “Give it to him” Oh say can you see by the dawns early light what so… The national anthem had begun and the name Jose was drowned out. Thus the saying began.

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