October 30, 2008
A couple of years ago in a town unmolested by technology there lived a family that differed from all the rest. They lived in a house ravaged by time and surrounding the house was nothing except an antediluvian picket fence. A large, gray granite crypt was in the backyard, and an immense, gnarled, dead, black oak tree in the front yard. There was always a sense of eeriness that emitted from the property due to the fact that even on the sunniest of days the house remained in the darkness and was always covered in a light fog. The family consisted of a mother, a father, and a daughter. The father was a tall, skinny man, with very pale skin and slicked back white hair, and dull black eyes. He wore an old dusty black suit and fedora and waked with a twisted black cane. The most disturbing feature about the man was his smile. His smile consisted of cracked lips that occasionally oozed blood and a grotesque set of yellow, decaying, twisted teeth. The mother was medium height, with long charcoal colored hair. Her skin was fair and her body voluptuous, she too had dark eyes but with a hint of gray. The only tarnishes on her body were a set of long scars that ran down her back and wrists. The most startling member of the family was the daughter, named Diane. At the young age of thirteen Diane had already matured. Her body was an excellent example of beauty, but it was always covered by her favorite outfit of red gloves, a long sleeved, and black, old buttoned up shirt that had a red pattern of a rose bush’s stem all around it and a red skirt with black, high heeled boots. Because her skin was rarely exposed to sunlight, it too was quite fair, which enhanced the color of her long, slick, black hair, black eyes, and lush red lips, which stood out with superb magnificence. Though as beautiful as she was, Diane had a dark aura that caused an unsettling feeling on anyone that came in close proximity to her.

On a dark, starless, winter night Diane and her parents walked towards the house of the reverend and his family, which was on the outskirts of the town. Their silhouettes camouflaged in the darkness of the night except for the white skin and Diane’s red clothing. When they arrived at the house, Diane’s father slowly pushed opened the door enough to allow himself and his family entrance into the house. They slipped into the home without a sound and continued on their way upstairs without a single sound as if they were floating. Once they were upstairs Diane and her parents headed towards the reverend’s room. They entered the room and stood at the foot of the bed looking smugly at the reverend and his wife, knowing tomorrow morning will bring great sadness and fear throughout the town unlike anytime before. With a deep breath, the three silhouettes savored the moment and then commenced towards the bedside of the reverend. They knelt down towards the reverend to where they were level with his face and then with swift speed all three commenced to bite the reverend on the neck. The only sound made from the reverend was a last wheezing breath followed by the sound of a neck breaking and flesh ripping. Diana and her family continued to suck nutrients from the reverend until he was nothing but a deformed shell of skin, bone, and hair. With the feeling of satisfaction, the family rose from the corpse and licked the crimson liquid off of their lips and faded into the darkness of the night and back into their house to wait for mooning to come to hear the sound of despair and horror throughout the town.

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