Evil Never Wins

October 30, 2008
When you look at Mike Smith, you would never expect this nerd to have a deep secret. Mike is a 13-year-old student who live is New York City. Mike is your average boy. He wears baggy clothes, always knows the answer to the impossible questions, and is always playing world of War craft when he is not studying.

Mike’s secret is that he has super strength. Mike is a superhero. You might think that a superhero is just born with their powers, but not Mike. While Mike’s father was out fighting Necroman, Necroman’s lightning shocked him. When Mike’s father returned, Mike was crying so his father picked him up. His father didn’t know it then but there was still a little lightning left in his body. The lightening shocked mike, and that is how he got his superpowers.

The fight between Necroman and Mike’s father was never finished because both men decided to start families, but the hatred is still strong and both have vowed that one day when they see each other again, one of them is going to die.

When mike heard about roman and his son, Mike decided it was his responsibility to kill Necroman’s son, Jasper. Right after mike heard of this, he started practicing his power. Everyday after school, Mike would come home, and start using his strength to do anything that is inhumanly possible like lifting his fathers car with his pinky finger, picking up their motor home, and pushing his grandparent house up a hill.

It was a Tuesday morning when Mike woke up. As he opened his eyes, the book he had been reading before he went to bed, was laying on is face. With his alarm still beeping, Mike walked into the bathroom and took a shower. When he was finished he got dressed and went downstairs. His mom had made oatmeal, which is mike’s least favorite food ever. As he turned the corner, about to walk into the kitchen, Mike heard his mother and father talking. Mike decided to be as quiet as possible so he could hear the conversation.

“Did you hear that Necroman has robbed Riggs National Bank?”
Said his mother.
“No, when did this happen?” asked his father
“Yesterday at about 11 a.m.”
“What kind of damage did he dad this time?”
“He stole 6 million dollars and put three bank tellers in serious condition.” his mother said with and irritated tone.
“That’s horrible, he must be stopped before he takes over the whole world.”
“But how is that possible. Necroman has no emotions and has the best technology available, even the illegal stuff.”
“Actually, now that I think about it, Necroman does have a weakness, His son Jasper. Without Jasper, Necroman has nothing to protect, therefore he is weak.”

When Mike heard this, you can just imagine the crazy plots his brain was thinking of.

Mike strolled into the kitchen with a smile from ear to ear painted on his face. His parents could tell something wasn’t right because he hated oatmeal. When they asked him why he was smiling, he simply replied that he was excited for the fun day packed with educational adventures.

All day, the only thing Mike could think about was what his superhero name should be and what his costume should look like. After 3rd period, Mike finally narrowed the list of twelve names down to one. The name was Shadow man. During Lunch, Mike started sketching his costume. He was going to
wear a skintight suit with a mask. Mike knew that his father had a professional costume designer.

When Mike got home, he immediately called the designer. They decided to meet at 4:00. That was just enough time to get to the store, have a meeting with the man, and be home before his parents suspected anything.

It was 3:30 now and the store was ten minutes away. Mike had twenty minutes to spare so he decided to work on is flying skills. He went into the backyard and jumped as high as he could, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get more than ten feet off the ground. After about fifteen minutes of trying with no success, Mike went inside.

Mike decided that it never hurts to be early. You never know what is going to happen.

Mike put on his favorite Nike shoes and skipped down the sidewalk, avoiding all of the cracks. After Mike had passed Billy’s Burgers, his cell phone in his back pocket started to ring. When Mike pulled his phone out, it was not his usual silver Motorola Razor. In his pocket was a brand new Blackberry Storm. Mike decided to answer the phone.

The person on the other line said his name was Jason. Mike tried to ask Jason where his phone was, not that he minded the new phone, but every time he made a sound, Jason started talking again.

“We have been watching you closely lately and we have noticed that you have some extraordinary skills.” Said the man

“Who is we, and what how long have you been watching me?” asked Mike

‘We are the SHAA, also known as the Superhero Association of America. Your father is part of the association too. We thought that it night be a god idea to contact your father and ask him if the mission would be ok for you to “participate in. He said that the mission would be perfect for you, and that he hopes you say yes.”

“What mission?”

“Well, I am sure you have heard about Necroman and that he is planning to take over the world with his laser gun.”
“Kind of, I didn’t know that he had a laser gun.”

“Yes, and if he is not stopped soon, the whole world will be his.”

“So my mission is to stop Necroman’s plan?”

“In a word, yes.”
Mike decided that it couldn’t hut to finish the unsettled war between his father and Necroman.

“That sounds like fun. I only have one question. When do I start?”

“In about ten seconds.”

Just as Mike turned around, he heard screeching tires, and speeding down around the corner was a black Ferrari. The car sped down the road and came to a sudden halt next to Mike. The passenger’s window rolled down and sitting inside was a tall and slender man. He beckoned for Mike to get in.
At first Mike wasn’t sure what to do. Wither to rungs fast as he could, away from the man, or to simply get into the car. He decided to get into the car.

“So I take it you are Jason.” Mike’s said with a scared expression on his face.

“You got that right.” Said the man

No more than three seconds had gone by before the black car was flying down Main Street. Everyone’s head was turned looking at this out of control driver.

The rest of the car ride was completely silent. Mike decided that since no one was talking he could just take a nap. Mike felt the sudden jolt of the car coming to a stop.

When he opened his eyes, Jason was typing in a password on a keypad. Mike looked all around the car and couldn’t see anything that would need a password to access it. All he could see was a empty parking lot and a grocery store on the farthest end of the parking lot.

Jason got back in the car and right in front of Mike the ground was rising. After about twenty seconds, there was a garage sitting right in front of the car. Jason just looked at Mike and smiled. Jason drove right inside the underground garage. Once the car was completely inside the garage, it started to lower. It kept going down into a giant black hole.

Once the garage was completely on the ground again, lights flashed on, lighting up a tunnel. Jason opened the car door and stepped out. Mike decided that he should probably do the same.

When they were both standing on the platform, Jason said

“Welcome to the SHAA headquarters.”
“This sure doesn’t look like much.” Mike said sarcastically
“Follow me and I will show you the rest.”

Jason led Mike down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a metal sliding door. Jason stepped up to it and put his face really close to a box on the side of the door. A light scanned his eyes and the door opened.

Inside was the biggest laboratory Mike had ever seen. In fact the only lab he had ever seen was the one in his science class. Technology and amazing looking things were everywhere. There were about twenty different men walking around in lab coats.

Jason led Mike down the center of the room. Everyone liked at Mike as if they had never seen a human before. Mike just kept his eyes on the ground and followed Jason.

When they stopped, they were standing in an office. There was a huge man sitting in a chair on the other side of the desk.

“I assume that you are Mike.” Said the man in a booming voice
“You got that right.” Said Mike in a confident voice

The man walked around the desk and toward Mike. He stuck a mammoth sized hand at Mike. Mike assumed he should shake it.

“You’ve got a good grip.” Said the man “I like that in a man.”
” I am Agent Stevens, but you can call me Agent Stevens.”
“Mike, but I guess you already know that.”
“Welcome to your new home for the next few months.”
“I have to stay here?!”
“Until you complete your mission.”
“So I guess we are going to start training tomorrow.”

Mike just sighed. Agent Stevens turned to Jason and said
“Why don’t you show this lad his room. I am sure it will cheer him up a tad.”
“That’s a good idea. Come on kid lets go.”
Jason motioned for them to leave the office. When they turned the corner, they were faced with a very long white hallway lined with a hundred doors. It seemed like it went on forever. They stopped at the twenty-third door on the left. Jason slid a card in a slot and then handed the card to Mike.
“Do not lose this or suffer the wrath of Agent Stevens.” Said Jason looking Mike in the eyes
Jason looked at Mike and said, “Welcome to your new home.”

The door slid open and inside was an amazing room. There were future gadgets everywhere. There was plenty of space. Mike was thinking that he could live here for the rest of his life. Jason saw how amazed Mike’s face was and said, “Do you think that this will be acceptable?”
“Are you kidding? This is AMAZING!” Mike said looking at Jason like he was kidding.”
“Good, now let me show you around the rest of this place.”
“Wait a second. What am I going to wear? I didn’t bring any other clothes with me. I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen.”
“Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. Here you go.”
Jason handed him a pile of white clothes. Mike unfolded it. There was a white t-shirt, white pants, white socks, and white shoes.
“Why is everything white?” Mike asked
“Because white means that everything is clean.”
“So if I get this dirty, I will get in a lot of trouble. Am I right?”
“Yes, but the cleaner will give you a new outfit every day.”
“Sweet! So I don’t have to clean my room any more?”
“Am I dreaming, or is this really happening?”
“Are there any more questions?”
“Not that I can think of, but I am sure I will have some more in a few minutes.”
“Good, well let’s get going.”
Jason showed Mike everything. The dining room, the skills room, the offices, the workers, the lab, and many other rooms that Mike couldn’t remember. Mike was so exhausted at the end that he just wanted to go to bed. Jason said that it would be fine.

After about half an hour of trying to find his room in the maze of hallways, Mike felt so tired that he could sleep on a bed of nails and not feel a thing.

Mike took the card out of his pocket and slid it in the slot. The door opened. On the end of his bed, were his pajamas. Which were white. Of course. After Mike ha brushed his teeth, he climbed into his bed and crashed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.

The next morning, Mike woke up to the sounds of someone tapping on the door. Mike got up and walked to the door. When he opened the door, Jason was standing there.
“Are you ready for your first day of training?” said Jason
“What time is it?” Mike asked while rubbing his eyes
“Five? I never get up this early!”
“Well you better get used to it. This is what time you will be waking up until you complete this mission.”
Mike grunted
“Get dressed and meet me in the dining room in fifteen minutes.”

Mike closed the door and got into the shower. When he got out, his clothes for the day were laying on the counter. He had to look twice because when he got into the shower, they had not been there. Mike put on the clothes and headed for the door.

On his way to the dining room, Mike has to ask three people how to find it.

When he finally got there, Jason and another man in a lab coat were sitting at a table together. There was one seat left so Mike walked over to the table and sat in the empty seat.
“Professor Hendricks, this is Mike.” Said Jason
“Hello” said the professor
“Hi” said Mike
“So are you going to order?” asked Jason
“I don’t know how” said Mike
“Just press the button in the middle of the table.”

Mike pressed the button and a screen popped up. He entered what he wanted. Which was French toast. In about one minute, the food appeared on the table. Mike ate the French toast in silence while Jason and Professor Hendricks discussed the plan for my training. Once Mike had finished, he set the plate in the center of the table and a hole in the table opened and sucked the plate in.
“So are you ready to get going?” Asked the Professor
“Sure, let’s go” said Mike

Professor Hendricks and Jason led Mike into the Skills room. There were huge boulders and weights laying everywhere.
“This is where you will be spending most of your time.”
“What am I going to do in this room?” asked Mike
“We will be training you and preparing you to fight Necroman’s son Jasper.”
“Wait a second. I thought that I was going to fight Necroman.”
“Well you were until your father decided that he should complete their battle himself.”
“So my father is going to be here too?”

Just as Mike completed his question, his father walked in a side door.
“Dad!” Mike yelled
“Hey there son.” Said his father
“You two will be training and fighting together.” Said Jason
“Well let’s get started, we have a lot to do. You have a lot to learn.” Said Professor Hendricks

For the rest of the day, Mike and his father worked with the trainer. The trainer helped them with their super strength and Mike’s flying skills. They only stopped once for lunch, then it was back to work for another five hours. Once the trainer said they were done, Mike and his father went to dinner. They ordered, ate like pigs, and thanked the chef.

They both went back to their rooms and went to bed.
This is how every day of the next two months went. At the end of the two months, Mike and his father were the strongest flyers around. They were ready to take on Jasper and Necroman.

Throughout the training, the scientist had been creating a plan.
The plan was for Mike to make friends with Jasper. They were to be friends that were so close Jasper would forget about his father and go away on day trips with Mike. All while this was happening, Necroman would be missing hid Jasper, therefore he would be weak. Mike’s father would complete Necroman forever while he was at his weakest.
Finally the day had come. Miek and his father were going to fly to California to meet with Jasper and his father for the last time. Mike was anxious the entire time. Jason drove Mike and his father to the airport and said goodbye.
“See you soon. Good luck.” Said Jason as he waved to them for what they hoped would not be the last time.

Mike and his father boarded the plane. When they got off the plane, they went to their hotel and unpacked. They went to bed very early that night to make sure that they would be prepared for the day to come.

It was Tuesday and the clouds were low. The sun was nowhere to be seen. This was good because no one could see them flying.

Mike’s father dropped him off at the same middle school that Jasper attended. Mike walked in; feeling like it was the first was of school all over again. He walked into his class which was History and there was Jasper. Somehow Mike was in all of Jasper’s classes.

Mike walked into the classroom and sat right next to Jasper. He only knew what Jasper looked like because the SHAA made him study Jasper. When he sat down, Jasper said hello. Mike introduced himself, but left out the part about him having superhuman abilities. The class started and the teacher didn’t even notice Mike. Which wasn’t exactly a bad thing.

In each class it seemed like they needed a partner. Of course Mike was always partners with Jasper. Mike was so happy that he and Jasper actually got along. It sure made his job a lot easier.

By the end of the week, Mike had been to Jasper’s house twice to work on projects. Mike had only seen Jasper’s father once for a few seconds. All the rest of the time, he was in the basement doing something.

Each night Mike would go home and report everything that happened to Jason over the phone. They recorded the information and created a plan with different steps every time.

At the end of the third week in California, Jasper and Mike were best friends. Jasper had invited Mike to have a sleep over on Friday night.

On Friday, Mike and Jasper walked to Jasper’s home and did many things. They watched movies, played wii, ate, and did anything fun they could think of. They had so much fun that they decided to have a sleep over every Friday night. There was no doubt that Jasper trusted Mike.

It had been five weeks since Mike and his father had moved to California. Mike had to get Jasper out of the town for a few days so his dad could complete his task.

Mike told Jasper that he and his grandpa were going to Laguna Beach. He asked if he would like to join them.
“I would love to, but I have to ask my dad.” Said Jasper
“That’s fine, just let me know as soon as possible.” Said Mike

The next day at schools, Jasper came sunning up to Mike. Mike could tell that Jasper’s father had said yes because Jasper’s face had the biggest smile, Mike had ever seen painted on it.

The SHAA hired an actor to act as Mike’s grandpa. On Saturday, Mike and his hired grandpa drove to Jasper’s house. Jasper was already waiting on the front steps with his luggage at his side.

As soon as Mike stepped out of the car, Jasper’s front door opened, and there was Necroman.
“Where do you think you are going Jasper?” said Necroman
“I am going on a trip with Mike and his grandpa. Remember you said that I could go?” Jasper said in a defensive tone.
“Well I was just joking. Haha I am so funny.”
“I am going no matter what you say about it.”
Just as Jasper took a step toward the car, Necroman flew out infront of him and said, “Do you know who this Mike kid really is?”
“Yeah, he is my best friend.”
“No, he is a superhero that has come here to kill me. He is only taking you on a trip so that his father can come out and kill me because they know that I am weak without you.
“Is this true?” Jasper asked while looking Mike in the eyes
“Well, um”
“Just answer the God damn question. Is what my father just said true?
Mike could tell that Jasper was getting irritated.
“Well………………………………………………………………….Yes.” Mike felt horrible but at the same time he felt scared and defenseless.

As soon as he completed his sentence, Necroman jumped and flew toward Mike. Jasper’s eyes got teary and he ran inside the house. Mike tore the tree out of the front lawn and swung it at Necroman. Mike knew that he couldn’t take Necroman alone. He simply wasn’t strong enough.

Necroman pushed through the tree trunk as if it was a piece of paper. Mike was in so much shock that he couldn’t move for a few milliseconds.

Suddenly out of nowhere Mike’s father flew on top of the house. Necroman and his father faced eachother.
“So we meet again.” Said Necroman
“”You got that right.” Said his father
“You know that I have been watching you for the past seven years. There was no way that you can stop me. All I have to do is flick that switch.”
Necroman pointed to a sprinkler control panel on the outside of the house.
“Are you feeling ok because that is for your sprinklers? It is not going to help you take over the world.”
“Would you like me to flick the switch? I will if you really want me too. I have been waiting for years for you to be here to see this happen.”
In the blink of an eye Necroman flew down toward the switch. Mike was so scared that he simply could not make his body move. After about a minute, there was no evil laugh and he was still controlling himself.

Mike opened his eyes. His father and Necroman were flying in circles above his head. They flew north for about five minutes. In that time Mike tried to disable the switch.

Mike had learned how to disable almost everything imaginable possible in his training classes. When Mike looked at the switch up close, he had never seen this kind before. Mike pulled open the switch box and there were a lot of wires. None of which Mike had seen before. Mike remembered Professor Hendricks telling him to always pull the green wire.

Mike pulled the green wire, making sure not to touch any of the other wires. Mike found a sharp stone on the ground. He wrapped the wire around the sharp side of the rock and pulled up, cutting the wire.

Suddenly a voice came out of the box saying, “Self destruct enabled. Self destructing in fifteen minutes.”
“Are you serious.” Mike yelled
His only option was to fly and ask his father what to do. He knew that he probably would just distract his father, but it was worth it.

Mike bent his knees at a 90 degree angle, just like he had learned in training. He pushed up with all of strength. In just a second, Mike was soaring through the sky over the neighborhood. Within a few minutes Mike spotted his father sitting in a tree. There was no Necroman in sight. Mike flew over to his father. Before he was more than five feet away, Mike saw that his father had blood dripping from the side of his face. This made Mike speed up even more.

When Mike got to his father, his father was breathing deeply and very fast. He looked around to find Necroman. His father saw Mike looking around and pointed to the ground. Mike looked down and Necroman was laying on the ground not moving. Was Necroman really dead?
“What happened?’ Mike asked
“It was a hard battle, but Necroman was distracted so it wasn’t very hard.” Said his father
“What happened to your face?”
“He punched me against a wall.”
“Oh I almost forgot, the world is going to end in about seven minutes.”
“How could you forget about that? What did you do this time?”
“Let me show you.”
They both got up and flew as fast as possible back to Necroman’s house. Mike’s father cut every wire possible. Once he had cut all the wires, the machine was still going.
“There has to be another switch somewhere. This was a decoy.”
“When I was over here before, Necroman always spent time in the basement. Maybe it is down there.”
The two of then flew into the house. They passed Jasper who was sitting on the couch sulking. They turned the corner and headed down the stairs. In the basement was a laboratory. Mike’s father saw a flashing light in the corner of the room. He ran over to it. As soon as he got to it, he tried to open it, but it wouldn’t open.
“Four” said the machine
“We need a password to open this thing. Go get Jasper, maybe he will know what it is.”
Mike ran upstairs and went to talk with Jasper.
“I’m so so so sorry about what happened back there, but the world is about to blow up in four minutes.”
“I don’t know anything .”
“Please Jasper, I never wanted to hurt you. We need you downstairs in two minutes.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
“Oh yes you are!”
Mike lifted Jasper off the couch and flew with him downstairs. He brought him over to his father.
“Ok Jasper, You tell me the password or I am going to break your leg.” Said his father
“I really don’t know”
“Well then what is his birthday? That is always the password.”
Jasper told Mike’s dad and he typed it in. It actually worked. Once the cover was open there were still about twelve wires. He had to pick one or else the machine might destruct immediately.
“Your are always supposed to pick the green wire.” Said his father
“No dad, I tried that upstairs and it set off the machine.” Mike yelled
“He did that so you think that is not the green wire on the real machine.”
“Fine, if you are positive.”
Mike’s father took a knife out of his back pocket and cut the green wire. The entire machine was silent.
“You did it dad!”
“Yeah I did.” Said his father who was out of breath.

Over the next few days Mike and Jasper came to an understanding. Things were so good that Jasper decided to fly back with them to SHAA headquarters.

When they returned, all of the workers were standing in rows. They applauded as they walked in, just like in a movie. At the end of the tunnel od people was Agent Stevens and Jason.

Everyone’s lives went back to normal. Well kind of. Mike and Jasper became step brothers and now live together with Mike’s parents in the SHAA headquarters. In fact Mike’s father is now the head of the SHAA.

This goes to prove that good always triumphs over evil.


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