What is a Phobia?

October 30, 2008
By Jonathan Abossedgh, New City, NY

What is exactly in a phobia? In my mind it’s an idea. A train of thought that occurs in your mind to show you your weaknesses in life, threw the mistakes you have made. It has altered your mind and changed your thought processes to remind you that you must face every problem in your life or soon be consumed by it. A never ending force of energy that is channeled in a never ending circle, which can only be stopped when you tell your mind to confront what, has lain dormant in the back of your thoughts, your actions, your movements.
Ever growing stronger and faster, harder to break away from the depths of your mind, burrowing deeper and deeper in your head, trying to find more it can use against you. More mistakes you have made which you are not proud of, whether they have occurred on purpose or by an accident, one must take responsibly for any action one may commit.
For it is in the absence of responsibility that a phobia can turn into a monster, that can corrupt all the good left in you and when that monster has finished consuming you, it will leave you to find another. With all of the power and knowledge it has gained from you, it is threw these cycles of life that disease was founded. The common cold was formed and threw countless generations of constant human anger and emotion that it had involved into something as horrid as cancer.
A disease that does not need to eat, drink or sleep, it works for the sole purpose of killing its host and self-sacrifice is well within its acceptable circumstances. The only time this being can fail and yes I say being for it formed from those that live, those that would live 5 seconds longer just to see the world destroyed in front of their eyes. The only time it fails is if the one it sets it eyes on lives. The stressing point is prevents people to live, not to cause them to die.

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