Ellie and Telie

October 29, 2008
At the Yippee Skippie Zoo in California there is an elephant named Ellie. Ellie is only one year old. He is gray with brown splotches. He has a super long trunk and his ears are really wrinkly; they are so big they almost drag on the ground. He lives in a huge exhibit it has a pond and a big mud hole where he spends most of his time. Ellie gets fed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, celery, lettuce, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts every five hours but people who visit throw peanuts. It was noon, so it was lunch time.
The zookeeper dumped heaping buckets of food in to his gimungus bowl. As Ellie was eating, he felt something like a rock at the bottom of his bowl; he stopped eating and looked closely at his food. He noticed something greenish-brown so he scooped it up. It was a turtle. Ellie looked at the turtle and the turtle cried, “Please don’t eat me, Please don’t eat me.”
As soon as Ellie heard the turtle speak he knew that they were the only two in the whole zoo that could talk, but nobody else knew. Ellie whispered “don’t worry I’m not going to eat you.”
“What’s your name?” asked Ellie. “Tellie,” said the turtle. With his trunk, Ellie carefully put Tellie up on his back and continued eating.
Ellie and Tellie became best friends; they did everything together. The zookeeper even let them share an exhibit. At night, Ellie and Tellie liked to sneak out of their exhibit and go around and wake up all the other animals. Then, they would go back to bed before any of the animals saw them.
During the day Ellie and Tellie would play in the mud. Tellie liked to slide down Ellies trunk. They did that all day until they were so tired that they fell asleep in the mud. One night, they were so exhausted that and they did not sneak out to wake up the other animals.
The very next day, the zookeeper came and took Tellie away. They were going to bring him to a different zoo. Ellie and Tellie were so sad to be separated that they both started to cry.

For the next three days, Ellie was miserable; all he did was cry. All Tellie could do at the new zoo was stay in his shell and cry. The zookeepers at both zoos noticed how sad they both were and regretted their decision. So the transported Tellie back to they Yippee Skippie Zoo. Ellie and Tellie were so happy to see each other. Now Ellie and Tellie are the most popular exhibit in the whole zoo. In fact, people came from all over the world just to see the two fabulous friends!

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