October 27, 2008
By Leighton Meyers, Bullhead City, AZ

There once was a group of teenage boys who lived on the very edge of Philadelphia. Their parents were never home and the neighbors had their own problems, so they only had each other. Everyday after school ended, they'd meet at the skate park to hang out and chill.

The oldest of the band, Jason, was fifteen and a freshman in high school. The next oldest were the twins, Steven and Perry. They were in 8th grade, being only thirteen. The youngest, twelve-year-old Casey. Despite the fact twins were supposed to look the same, Steven and Perry looked different. Perry had long, black hair that hung down to his shoulders. Steven had short hair, which was a mix of black, blue, purple, and red.

One day, Perry had noticed his brother hadn't shown up to the skate park that afternoon. He figured Steven was over by the mall giving people a hard time. It got a little weird when, one by one, the guys stopped showing up entirely. Flyers were put up, but nobody saw any of them. It seemed as though Steven, Casey, and Jason disappeared off the face of the Earth, leaving Perry all alone.

Weeks went by without a word from any of his friends. Perry was slowly giving up hope that his brother, and his gang, would return. During a heavy rainfall, Perry spotted a glimmer of hope. He was staring aimlessly through the windowpane, trying to see past the drops of rain. A figure running toward his house caught his attention.

He ran downstairs, skidding across the hardwood. He peeked out the window as the doorbell rang anxiously. It really was Steven! But who was that trying to creep up behind him?

Perry opened the door, rushing his brother inside. Unfortunately, he couldn't close the door in time. The mysterious kidnapper was in the house. "Mom," Perry screamed as the kidnapper tried to muffle his screams.

"What is it, Perry," their mother hollered back. Steven knew what to do.

"I'm home," Steven yelled.

"Steven!" Steven's mother, Beth, came bolting in from the living room, horrified at her two sons being dragged out the door. She had to think fast. Beth knew she had a gun, but it wasn't loaded, and she didn't have time to load it either. A threat would do just as well. "Let them go."

The man was startled and turned around to face the angered mother. He soon realized he was staring down the barrel of a handgun. He let the two children go, and they ran behind their mother. Perry, however, kew that gun wasn't loaded. Beth would need something else to use, but what?

He scanned the countertop for a weapon. Then, he saw a telephone. HE thanked God and dialed 911. "Help me. This guy tried to kidnap me and my brother. Please help. I don't want my mom to die." Then, he dropped the phone. He heard the loud sounds of boots against the redwood flooring. The operator heard everything and sent a few squad cars out to investigate.

When they got to the home, the door was open and a man was dragging Perry, who was kicking, biting, and screaming, to the van out front. Busted. The nightmare was finally over, but what happened to Casey and Jason?

They were in a cabin out in the forest. Nobody really wanted to know why the man had kidnapped the children, but he insisted on saying. "Them children was messin' up my brain, with their little skateboards and such. I needs them to give to the aliens up there," he said, pointing to the ceiling. Obviously, he was out of it. He was placed in jail. It seemed to be a happy ending, until someone else decided to copy him, that is. . .

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