Treasure the Moments

October 27, 2008
By Brooke Piper, Eastman, GA

It was a cold Winter day on December 28, 2002. Sara was still shocked at getting a brand new truck for christmas. Jack had got some new skies and was driving her crazy to go try them out on the slopes. Jack had been in her life for a little over four years. It was their Senior year and they planned on getting married in just a few years. That perfectly snowy day Sara climbed into Jack's big truck. They drove til' they reached the peek of the slope. Jack rode all day long, but Sara still couldn't seem to even get up and stay up after all these years. Finally, Jack got hungry so they headed back to town. Jack had Sara a ring in her new truck back at the house, her parents had set it all up while they were skiing. Jack couldn't hide his excitement. He was going to ask the woman he loved to be his wife. Jack leaned over and gave Sara a kiss and told her he loved her. She was about to tell him that she had missed her period but instead told him she loved him too. Jack looked so happy and she couldn't bring herself to tell him. The light turnt green so Jack hit the gas but was stopped soon by a drunk driver, still celebrating his holiday. When Sara woke all she seen was bright lights. Her mother and father were right by her side. Sara only survered a broken arm and a minor concussion. Jack was barely hanging on. When Sara was finally able to see him, tears in his eyes, he told her of his plan and asked her to marry him. Shocked, but happy she said yes. It was time to tell him that she was pregnant. He took the news a little better than she had ever expected. They made wedding dates and came up with baby names that whole next month. Jack died on January 26, 2003 when his heart finally failed him. Sara named their beautiful little boy after Jack and is trying her hardest to move on with her life.

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