Haunting Signs

October 27, 2008
By Valissa Crail, Kalispell, MT

The night started out harmless, planned only for Hannah to spend a girls night in with her mother. Her father away for the semi-annual hunting contest and her sister celebrating a friend’s 22nd birthday left them alone out in the country. All was going well; popcorn and sweet candies going straight to their butts, along with the mysterious man from The Stranger, were all they had to worry about. At least that's what they thought.
Haunting scenes from the television and the sweet after taste of candied apples were suddenly flushed from their minds when a phone call jolted them out of their seats.
"Hello," Mrs. Febar picked up the phone, wondering who could be calling at such an hour.
"I'm sorry to call you so late, but Alex is here at Mickey’s bar," a young man replied with a stern gesture, "and needless to say, she is wasted out of her mind."
A minute later, the phone slammed back onto its hook. Mrs. Febar stared Hannah into her eyes and she instantly felt a rush of unwanted news to follow.
"We'll have to end this night in not such a pleasant way," her mom mumbled with hesitatation, "I'll be back soon. I'm going to pick up your sister."
The bang of the garage door closing down signaled to Hannah that she was finally alone in the oversized house. As time passed, she found herself sitting impatiently in her sister’s favorite rocking chair again, which held so many memories. From silly troll stories they read and Disney movies watched, to naps they took. Swaying back and forth, an echo of screeches and clanks filled the motionless room from the chair gliding forward and a follow of a crash against the wall behind her.
Hannah became eerie of her surroundings; thinking about the unwelcome visitor hiding on the screen in front of her earlier. Pressing her eyes shut, she hoped to send the terror-stricken sensations running throughout her body away. Instead, a red light suddenly caught Hannah's attention from the corner of her eye. Slowly she turned her head to the right. Outside, a blanket of silhouette's filled the land. Across the field at the neighbors was the blinking red light, waving back and forth. Hannah came to her feet, edging her way closer to the window to get a better sight. As she approached nearer the pattern of the blinking light seemed as if an SOS signal. Adrenaline pumped throughout her body as a gush of wind blew across the valley, forcing the gate that entered into the garden to smash against the fence.
What seemed to only be a second later, a sharp ringing noise buzzed throughout the house. The second ring came and Hannah noticed it was the phone. She rushed to receive the call hoping it would be good news.
"Hannah," Mrs. Febar muttered, “There was an accident out by our house."
"What are you trying to say mom?"
"Well, the two that were identified were your sister and the boy that lives not far from us.”
Tears streamed down Hannah’s face as the words ‘Your sister isn’t with us anymore’ pounded inside of her head. The thought that she would never be able to see her older sister again overwhelmed her. She stumbled outside, hoping to catch a breath of fresh air. As she stepped into the icy cold night, the red light caught her eye again. This time it was a shone solid. Still whimpering, she peered deeper at the subject. Beneath the light she saw an outline of what seemed to be a young girl. Hannah choked as she tried to pull herself together. Wiping away the tears that filled her eyes, she squinted at the object. The blurry outline of a girl started to take appearance as Alex. Gasping for air, Hannah couldn’t believe her eyes. The girl smiled at Hannah, then hand signaled, “I love you.” Another sharp gust of wind blew over, swooping away Hannah’s sister into the night as the red light disappeared also.

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