Mr. Beckett's Revenge

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ha, ha, ha, you won’t ever win again you policeman.” “I am finally going defeat you. You will never foil my evil schemes again,” said the evil Mr. Beckett.
“I will get out of this, you will see.” the cop remarked.
“You where fit to lose sense it all began. Don’t you remember?” asked Mr. Beckett.
“Don’t remind me.” The cop admitted.

It all started on a bright day. A policeman named Brady Mathews was in the police station of Los Angeles.

The chief was giving Brady a new assignment after just returning from stopping a robbery of a local jewelry shop.

“Brady, you are the best of the best.” “You have done so much work for this police office, so we are sending you on an easy mission.”

“Here it is, on the outskirts of town there are many rundown houses, you will be visiting one of these.” The woman who lives there has been hearing strange noises throughout the past few months.” “Your mission is to go to her house and find out what is going on.” “This will be the easiest one yet, so we are expecting you back here in an hour or two.

As Brady walked into the garage he was thinking this would be easy, but little did he know he was about to get himself into the adventure of his life.

Brady grabbed a police car, hopped in, he was off. He turned on his sirens and zoomed down the road. He skidded around every turn like he was driving for his life.

He twisted and turned around the cars on the road. It was like he was doing an elaborate dance.

It only took him about forty-five minutes to reach the house. He parked the car and locked it.

Then Brady looked up; he saw a house, or what was left of a house really. It looked like it had two levels. The hideous green paint was peeling all over the house. All five windows where either broken or cracked. The door was hanging onto the doorframe by one hinge. The yard was piled with trash and the mailbox was broken in half.
Then Brady heard something running in the house. He saw the silhouette of a person fly by the window.

He ran inside grabbing his gun. He heard a crash and wood splitting. Brady quickly looked at his surroundings. He saw a hall going into a kitchen, and some stairs leading to the second floor. He ran down the hall, it was obvious a thief would not trap himself or herself on an upper floor.

Then there was silence. It seemed like the whole world sopped. He checked every single room in the house.

The thief had completely vanished, it was as if he had turned into dust and floated away in the breeze.

Then Brady heard a moan in the kitchen. He rushed through the door and saw a woman lying there on the ground.

She had blood dripping from a slice on her head. She also had a large cut on her leg.

Brady lifted her up and set her on the couch. He got out a first aid kit from his car and went to work.

He cleaned her head wound first, he then moved onto the leg, wrapping it in bandages.

When she was properly mended he got her some water. Then she started to speak.

“Oh, thank goodness you are here, a thief just broke into my house.” “I have also been hearing strange noises for a whole month.”

“I know, I came to find out what the noises where and found the thief here, in your house.” Replied Brady

“Now calm down, could you please tell me your name Mrs.?” “Oh pardon my manners, my name is Sandra Fremont.” She said

“Oh and boy do I have the story for you?” She said

“When the police called and said that they where to busy and they could not come and see what the noises where for about three more hour’s I was outraged.”
“I felt like I could turn into the Hulk and start obliterating everything in sight.” “So I hastily rushed up to my bedroom and crept under my blanket so that I could fall into a trance full of wonderful dreams before I could become completely insane.”

“About an hour after I had gotten to sleep I heard a crash down stairs.”

“I got out if bed and rand down the steps to see what was going on.”

“I heard another crash from in the kitchen so I slowly crept forward.” “I was about to come around the corner and enter the kitchen when, BANG!”

“That was when I got hit in the face with a pan.” “I then fell onto the ground while slicing my leg on a piece of broken glass.”

“About five seconds later I was lying there knocked out.”

“The next thing that I can remember is you sitting next to me on the couch waiting for me to wake up.”

“Then all my memories of last night rushed into my head, like a river falling out of a broken dam.”

“That is pretty much what happened.” “Now the real question is what did you find out about the sounds?” Sandra asked

“Well nothing yet, but I think that we can find out what the sounds are right now if we work together and check every room for where the sound is the strongest.” Said Brady

“I have also been thinking, how did the thief escape if I was blocking the only door for him to get out?”

“I mean he had to go somewhere.” “I think that he thought of a way out before he actually committed the crime of breaking into your house.”

“Yea, I think that you are right.” Said Sandra. “How could he have gotten out?”

“I think that when we find the sounds, we will also find the thief.” Said Brady

“That is a great hunch!” she said

“How is your leg?’ asked Brady “I think that it will be fine.” Sandra replied

“Whew, for a second there I thought that I would have to go through this creepy house all by my self.” Said Brady
“Hey, this is my house so stop making fun of it.” Sandra remarked

They searched, and searched. They thrust everything that was in sight to the side.

They went in sections starting at the top floor and working their way through the house.

Every single room was quiet on the second floor, but when they reached the first floor they could hear the sounds. It sounded like there where people talking, and machines running all at the same time.

“Wow, that is so strange.” Said Brady

“Now you know what is so creepy about the sounds.” Said Sandra

They kept moving down the hall. The sounds where getting more intense with each stride. Then they reached the basement.

“Well, it is the only room that we have not looked in.,” said Sandra.

“Well, what are we waiting for” asked Brady, “there is no time to loose.”

They then looked down through the door at the molded boards of wood that might have once been stairs. “Do you ever do house cleaning around here” asked Brady

“Well, um, kind of, I guess so.” Stuttered Sandra

“Oh well never mind. “ Brady remarked

Then they started down, they could hear the rotten planks below there feet whining as they staggered down the steps.

It was as if their weight was crushing the steps very souls.

They reached the bottom and started to stagger off into the dark abyss, there was fog everywhere. They could feel the bitter cold from the floor seeping into their shoes, making them shiver.

The strange sounds could be heard clearly now. They where seeping through the walls of the basement just like the bitter cold.

One they had fond a wall and walked around the room, feeling for anything other than walls they concluded that was a sofa, a large dresser, and a set of a washer, and dryer.

“I will check the dresser while you check the washer, and dryer” said Brady

“They each worked their way toward their items and started to push and shove them aside.

Sandra was the first to finish, she found nothing. Then Brady finally got the dresser to budge revealing a dark tunnel about five feet tall.

“Wow, they bolt said in amazement of their new discovery.”

“Should we go down it?” asked Sandra “Why not?” replied Brady I mean if the thief could make it through there then we sure can.”

After several minutes of heated argument Brady finally persuaded Sandra to come and check out what was down the tunnel.

They walked into the mouth of the beast. The floor suddenly changed from wood to wet dirt.

“That, is revolting,” cried Sandra “Oh, it is not so bad once you get used to it.” Said Brady

They walked and walked for what seemed like days. They could hear the sounds really well now. It was like a teenager was blaring their music right into Sandra, and Brady’s faces.

By now their shoes and legs where covered in the stuff all over the ground. And then there was light.

Sandra saw it first “Awe, I see light!” she screamed “Yay” said Brady they bolt grabbed each other’s hands and did a dance around and around in circles.

They ran towards it, they began to see a vast cavern filled with machinery, and people.

In the middle was a gigantic rocket it was as big as the Empire State Building. It had wings on the bottom and three gigantic engines.

The massive structure was facing upwards where you could see the faintest hole. It was too far away to determine the size.

Above all of the working going on was a room. It was mounted on the side of the wall there where people in it shouting directions into microphones. The directions where then transferred to the headsets everyone was wearing.

Then Brady stopped in his tracks. In the control room he could see the most evil man on earth. His name was Mr. Beckett.

“Stop.” Yelled Brady

Sandra did what she was told. He ran up to her and explained who was leading this operation to her.

He said “Mr. Beckett is a multi billionaire, he gets his money through fraud.” “He owns more businesses than there are kids in public school.” “He hires people to do his dirty work for him.” “That way he can stay out of jail and keep making money.”

“We should try to stop his newest evil plan.” Said Brady

“Are you crazy? You think that a police man and some lady can stop a billionaire and his army of workers.” Asked Sandra

“Well, yes.” Said Brady, do you see that gigantic rock up there by the whole in the roof?” he asked her

“Yes” Sandra replied
“Well we are going to climb up there and push that off of the cliff.”
“Then it will hit the rocket and make a gaping hole in it.”
“Amid all of the chaos we will find a way to escape.” Said Brady

They were off, down the tunnel again, going toward the entrance. They saw a way up along the wall.

“That is where all of the machines go to maintain the wall.” “We could hike up it to the boulder.” Said Brady

“Ok” Replied Sandra

They walked, and walked making sure that none of the workers or the drivers of the machinery saw them.

When a machine was coming down the trail they would just find a nearby boulder and hide behind it.

When they finally reached the top they saw the boulder at its full size. It was as big as a house!

“Hey look over there.” Said Sandra, she was pointing to a bulldozer that was not being used. You could clearly see the keys in the ignition.
They ran for it. Jumping over rocks hurtling boulders. When they made it they did not waist any time backing up, and then charging straight for the boulder.

They extended the front plow and then SMASH! They hit, sending both the boulder and themselves flying in opposite directions.

Once they finally stopped flying backwards they hopped out, dizzied by the twisting and turning they just experienced.

They saw Mr. Beckett himself standing there with the strongest men in the world by his sides.

They jumped forward with surprising speed and grabbed both Brady, and Sandra.

Mr. Beckett’s workers held Brady and Sandra down with all of their might. Their hands where like gigantic clamps squeezing the life out of their arms.

“So that is the story of how you got captured by me.” “Now let us resume.”

Mr. Beckett approached them. Then he started to laugh, he said, “This time I have beat you Brady.” “This time you will die.”

“Good always finds a way to triumph over evil Mr. Beckett.” “You will see that I will win this time as well.”

At that moment there was a burst. Then you could see one of the engines flying right toward Mr. Beckett and the rest of his men.

Mr. Beckett screamed as he was hit along with all of the burly men. The shock sent them all flying into the walls all around.

The rocket was no more, Mr. Beckett was no more, good had won over evil yet another time.

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