Lost of the never loved!

October 31, 2008
By Arrington Grimmer BRONZE, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Arrington Grimmer BRONZE, Jonesboro, Arkansas
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Susan Wielder was a simple small town girl of the age of fourteen. She had the average normal life that you would expect when looking at a girl with jeans and hoodie on. She had a loving family of mom, dad, and little brother Mathew. Her room was the plain old-fashion flower print, with the old, passed down quilt on the bed that great grandmother had made. Susan also had something very special to her, that know body else had on earth. It was a special diary. One that had a secret power. If a person had written the name of his/her lover in it. Then the lover would love back. The more the name was written in the diary the stronger the love became. Not knowing was truly laid within the pages of the book, she kept this book in a whole in the wall behind her bed skirt. Since she was the one that always cleaned her room, she was not worried of somebody finding it and reading it.

As Susan walked to school like she did everyday in the fall, she would always meet up with her friend, Carla. The two were as thick as thieves. They knew each others hobbies, favorite foods, ……and secrets, including the one that Susan liked the most popular guy in her class and practically the school, Anthony Thomason. Susan did not know why she liked him, or even liked anyone. All she knew was that she was madly in love with him, so deeply that she had wrote his name in her diary last night.

When they arrived at school and went straight to first period, she noticed that Anthony had not sat in his usual seat at the back of the classroom, but instead, he had sat in the seat right next to hers. Susan thought back to the diary, and remembered saying that she wished that Anthony would sit next her her in the classes that they both have together. In an instance, she knew what the diary was capable of. When class started they started to pass notes to one another, having random conversations her and there. This went on all day, when at the end of it, he had asked her out and she had said yes to him.

That night she wrote more in her beloved diary. She kept writing his name over and over, until that was all she could write in it. Word after work, Anthony Anthony Anthony. Finally getting tired, she put the book back in its hidden place and went to bed.

The next morning she did the same routine going to school, but when she and Carla got there Anthony was waiting for her. All day he followed her around on campus. Susan, never being use to this sort of thing, was very happy with her new, somewhat, boyfriend. He would tell her over and over that he was deeply in love with her. Susan, know realizing what had happened(writing his name over and over in the diary), she was sort of uncomfortable with him acting this way. She thought of what she was going to do, weather she was going to erase his name out of the diary. But how could she. His name was written in ink. What was to happen if she scratched it out. She thought about it some more and decided not to.

On her way home from school she took the long route alone. Walking and thinking of what she was going to do. At that instance, she felt something. She knew that someone has found the diary. She then started to bolt home.

Her brother, Mathew, was playing adventurers and had decided to explore Susan’s bedroom. Finding the diary, he opens it with excitement thinking that it was a treasure map of some kind and not knowing that is was a diary. He turned the page to “Anthony Anthony Anthony”. Deciding that he wanted to draw in the book too, he grabbed a pen off the desk and started to scribble.

As Susan was running into the house and up the stairs toward her bedroom, she yelled “STOP!”

But it was too late. She stood in the doorway of her bedroom looking at her little brother, scribble over Anthony’s name in pen. She snatched the book from his reach and tried to erase the scribbles. But is was no good. She was afraid of what was to come tomorrow. Would Anthony still like her?

At this moment her brother dashed out of the room on another adventure, she fell onto her bed thinking. Wondering. Soon she had fallen asleep, with the diary on her stomach, opened to the scribbled page. All of a sudden she woke up and looked at the clock. If she did not hurry she would be late for school.

As she was walking she told herself that she must have fallen asleep thinking about what was going to happen today at school. When she sat down in first period, she noticed that nobody was talking very much. She looked over at the empty seat next to her where Anthony was suppost to sit. Then the intercom came on saying “Dear Student, I am very sorry to that….”. In an instance she knew what had happened. He was dead. Frozen in a state of shock, she sat there thinking. The person that she thought she had loved, she never loved at all. She had done this to him. She started to weep and think “ I killed my lover that I never even loved.”

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