Show Me Your Love

January 5, 2014
He stood next to his classmate, side by side, they were almost ready to walk through the doorway. He wiped away the drops of sweat off his forehead. They were like drops of anxiety. One step forward, and it was already his time to shine. The light struck his cap and gown, making the silk material glisten on his body.
The gym was filled with people. One in particular, who stood out the most to him as soon as he scanned the crowd. She was there, she actually came!
“I…” he whispered under his breath. He began walking down the aisle.
The ceremony was over and he found himself at his after-party in no time.
“I wonder if she’ll be here.” He wondered.
“If I were her, I wouldn’t even try.” His sister retorted.
And with his hopes held high, she didn’t. She never showed up. He decided that night that he would drink his feelings away for her. He felt as if it was the only way to destroy what he felt for her, but the idea did not work. Along with the alcohol, came a broken heart to add on to his emotionally broken one, and before the night was over, all his eyes saw was the rush of fluorescent lights above him. All he felt was the pressure of his body strapped down on the gurney. From then it was a blur, for everything around him was hurried.
After thirty-eight hours, his eyes began to open, only to see her sitting beside him. Between the spaces of his fingers, lay her fingers fitting perfectly.
“Everything is okay now.” She spoke softly and leaned in to press her delicate lips into his.
“I… love you.”

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