The Night Before Halloween

October 26, 2008
By bendystraw303 SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
bendystraw303 SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Exactly one year ago I had lost my best friend the night before Halloween.

Everything was fine at first, but now that Meagan is gone there is nothing to look forward to. I’m lost without her. We always had sleepovers staying up all night telling ghost stories, but that has all changed now. All of our planes are gone, our friendship is gone, and now I wish we never went to that tree house.

It all started when I wanted to take a walk in the woods with Meagan a few weeks before Halloween. We were walking on the trail we usually do until Meagan stopped half way. “Let’s go this way Nicole, Its something different.”

“I don’t know…we aren’t familiar with that way, it could be dangerous.” I tried to tell her.

She just laughed and said, “What’s so dangerous about it? It’s just another trail.”

“Ok fine, but we are only going a little ways.” I told her in a kind of demanding voice. We got on the trail and I wasn’t that bad. When we were walking, I guess I lost track of where we were going. Meagan and I were having so much fun! We were telling jokes along the way and laughing. Before we knew it we came to this big clearing, and right in the middle was a very big tree! I’m not kidding this tree was huge! Then a ways up it was a tree house.

“Wow that’s big! I wonder who built it.” Meagan said, “Hey Nicole lets go up in it.”

“Are you sure you want to take that risk Meagan? What if it’s old and not stable anymore? I mean, we don’t know how long it’s been up.”

“Come on Nicole don’t be such a baby.” Well, I wasn’t going to argue with her so I just decided to go up in it. I mean, she is my best friend.

“This tree is really tall! What does it like have thirty steps up it or something?” I asked. Meagan didn’t reply to that at all. I didn’t know if the ladder was safe, but we made it to the top ok and I was amazed on what I saw. This tree house was huge! It was almost the size of my own bedroom. After Meagan and I saw that it was safe, and stable, we decided to hand out there more often. We started walking there together right after school let out every day. We loved that tree house; we had so much fun, and wished it would stay up forever. It did look in pretty good shape, so we don’t think it will be coming down anytime soon.

Then came that night, it was the night before Halloween. It was Thursday night, and I met Meagan at her house. We were going to the tree house for a little bit, and then going to our friend, Kayla’s party; she was having a Halloween party. When we got to the tree house it started to get very windy. “Meagan, maybe we should just go straight to Kayla’s party. It looks like a storm is coming.” I suggested.

Meagan agreed with me and said, “Good idea! Let me just go up in the tree house and get my bag. I left it in there by mistake.”

“Ok hurry up! It looks like it’s about to rain.” Meagan had made it nearly to the top when I had noticed red spray paint writing on the side of the house. It specifically said: STAY OUT!!! and WHO HAS BEEN COMING IN MY TREE HOUSE? “Meagan…wait! Don’t go!” I yelled, but I was to late; she had already taken her first step into the tree house.

She let out a loud scream and yelled, “Nicole hurry! Nicole, Nico…” but before she could say my name again her voice was cut off. After that I didn’t hear anything.

I tried calling her name, “Meagan, Meagan what happened? Are you ok? Meagan answer me!” She never did reply. I started to worry, so I ran back to my house to find help, shouting Meagan’s name the whole way. When I got back to my house I told my mom everything! I couldn’t stop crying and I was speaking so fast; I had no time to catch my breath. My mom called the police department, and I showed them to the big clearing where it all happened. I also got Meagan’s mom to come too. I was screaming Meagan’s name a loud as I could! Panicking! The police officers went up in the tree house to check it out. They found no evidence of a body or anything, but Meagan’s bag that she left was still there. I showed them the writing on the side of the house, but they couldn’t determine anything from that either. We spent hours and days searching, but nothing. Meagan’s mom was having a hard time. Meagan was her only daughter, and my best friend. The police decided to tare down the tree house along with the tree. They thought it could possibly be haunted. I told Kayla and her parents as well. Soon everybody found out and I was on the news being interviewed. This is a hard time for all of us, and nobody has any idea what happened. Since that year ago nothing has been the same. I never like to go anywhere anymore, I just stay locked up in my room, and I have not found a new best friend.

Still to this day nobody found out what had really happened to her. It is said that the ghost of Meagan Marie Walter, a thirteen year old girl roams the big clearing where the tree house once stood.

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