In May's Eyes

October 25, 2008
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It all started when Mother, Father, Agatha, and I went to the market down town. Walking down the candy aisle with Agatha was always such a thrill! Walking along my side was Dr. Nikolai, my favorite stuffed monkey, and my little sister at five years of age. I ran to Mr. William at the front desk and asked him if he could reach the bubble gum from the top shelf. He gladly guided me over to the pink chewy goodness. In the meantime, I had asked Agatha to keep a sharp eye on Dr. Nikolai. I had sat him on the counter top at the front of the puny store. While following Mr. William down the aisle...I came across a rude little boy named Billy Thorton. He was just a down right fool. That Billy Thorton...oh, he always teases poor little Agatha! Oh my, he deserves a sock in the behind! What has my sister done to him that would give him the right to bully her? This makes it better...I don't think the nitwit likes me either. To tell you the truth, I honestly don't care what he thinks! Once I paid for the boat load of candy, I asked Agatha if she's seen Dr. Nikolai anywhere. She replied, "No May, I haven't seen him at all." Of course I was upset with her for awhile, however I forgave her. What is a grudge going to do for you anyways? Now, what made me furious was that one day I spotted a little fury tail, which belonged to Dr. Nikolai, sticking out of Agatha's school bag! I was really upset, however what hurt is that she lied to me. I had to get her back somehow!

One day, we all headed over to Uncle's bank to meet Aunt Annabel's fiance. I saw a nifty looking device at the corner of my eye. I walked over with Agatha and discovered it was a vault. I decided it would be a funny way to get back at Agatha if I locked her in there. What I didn't know was that Uncle didn't know how to work the locks properly. Obviously, Agatha was rescued by Aunt Annabel's safe cracking fiance. In my opinion, I thought she was always attracted to the weird ones. This is where my life turned a complete one-eighty! I was sent to a rehabilitation clinic for mentally insane people because they thought I tried to kill my own sister! I was locked up...for a long time.

Nine stressful years passed, and I was finally released from that vile clinic. I was now eighteen, and Agatha... she just grew up so fast. She was now a fourteen year old young lady. Mother had explained to me that while I was gone Father decided to divorce her because of all the stress caused by the vault incident. I guess he couldn't take anymore of the drama. He also explained to Mother that he was having a relationship with another woman while I was being treated in the clinic. That was when I realized that I was the reason our family had broken up. Still to this day, the feeling I get when I think that it's all my fault... makes my heart die a little bit more inside.

A year after my release, I set off to college. When I arrived at my dormitory, I threw my suitcase onto my bed. When I opened it...I couldn't believe my eyes! Sitting on top of my clothing was Dr. Nikolai and a note explaining everything about his disappearance. The note said:

Dear May,

I know that we don't get along as well as we we did in the past, however I hope this note clears up all the tension between us. Do you remember that pesky Billy Thorton that always teased me? Well, while you were busy buying candy, and I was watching Dr. Nikolia like you asked. Billy grabbed Dr. Nikolai and ripped him to shreds. I tried to take Dr. Nikoali from Billy before he harmed him, however he balked in my path to the stuffed monkey. Afterwards, he threw the pieces at me. I winced when he pushed me to the ground. As you were walking with Mr. William, I picked up all the pieces to your monkey and placed them carefully into my school bag. I figured that if Dr. Nikolai somehow ended up missing... you wouldn't come down so harsh on me because it wasn't my fault. I was scared of what would happen. You couldn't blame me though because I was only five. While you were in the clinic, I had Dr. Nikolai sewn back together. I even bought an adorable outfit for him. All these years I kept him just for you! I waited until the right moment to reunite him with you. I also realize I should have been honest with you. I am sorry May...I truly am. I hope you forgive me.

Love your lil' sister,


Now, our family has never been closer. I forgave Agatha, and I appologized for locking her in the vault as a cruel joke. Mother seems to be much happier, and she is getting remarried in a few months! Her boyfriend is a wonderful guy. He is a successful doctor in the city. I am looking forward to having a step-father. Our family shall be complete again!

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