The Beautiful Garden

October 24, 2008
By Amy Scallon, Madison, WI

There was a very handsome Prince named Phillip. His family was very powerful and royal, plus they had lots of money. Phillip fell in love with a gorgeous but average woman named Keyshia. Her family was not royal or powerful. Keyshia’s family was not royal, but was as regular people. Phillip’s mother did not accept Keyshia or her family because they were not royal and didn’t have fancy gardens. Phillip didn’t care and he made Keyshia his princess.
When all Keyshia’s things were moved into his castle, she decided she wanted a garden so she could show his mom, Joan that she was a good person. Phillip’s mother Joan was furious. She thought Keyshia was a dirty bum who could never keep up with a garden. So the next day Keyshia went to the store and bought soil, tomato seeds, flower seeds, watering cans and pots.
Keyshia knew what Joan thought of her and it made her work harder. She woke up at 5:00a.m. and started working on the garden right away. At lunch time Phillip begged her to come inside, but Keyshia refused and kept gardening to make everything perfect.
Again at 6:00 he pleaded for her to come inside, Keyshia worked and worked until there was no more work to do.

When she finally went inside Joan was at the table speaking with the maid, Leanna. Joan was speaking very badly about Keyshia, how she was nasty, Leanna asked how she was nasty but of course Joan had no answer. So Joan basically said Keyshia was nothing!
Keyshia ran upstairs crying, Joan turned frantically as she heard the bedroom door slam. Keyshia was too afraid to tell Phillip; afraid that Phillip might take his mother’s side and leave her with nothing. Keyshia knew she left everything for her marriage.

Then one month later the garden looked beautiful with the smell of roses and tulips, tomatoes, watermelon and much more. As Phillip and Keyshia were sitting in the garden, Joan pulled up. Her jaw dropped and right away accused Keyshia of having a gardener or at least someone to help her. Phillip calmly explained to his mom that Keyshia did the garden all by herself and worked very hard. Joan apologized to Keyshia and felt bad that she never really knew Keyshia and judged her for no reason. And later on Joan found out Keyshia was a wonderful girl and to never judge a person before you know them.

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