Middle of Nowhere

October 23, 2008
By Chris Jellison, Whitefish, MT

Mike and Megan were driving down the barren North fork road. They were on their way home from a long day of hiking in Glacier. It was about 8:30, it was one of those nights were the moon was out but it wasn’t giving off any light. Mike wasn’t in any hurry so it was a nice leisurely drive.
“What is it Mike?”
“I forgot to get gas this morning, before we left.”
Mike Managed to get a few more miles up the road when his Jeep sputtered to the side of the road. They were at least 8 miles out from Columbia Falls, and they were right in the middle of the dead zone. Armed with only bear spray Mike and Megan took of down there road towards Columbia Falls. The bushes rattled and the limbs snapped on every side of the road. About every five minutes a deer would walk across the road. Everything was peaceful and quite. Megan needed to stop and catch her breath and grab a quick breather. That’s when they the hum and bright lights of a car caught their eyes. As quickly as the sound and lights came they were gone.

“We must be getting close to Pole bridge”

“Good, maybe someone would let us stay out on their lawn”
With hope fresh in their mind they kept walking. They made up around the corner and were hit with the bright lights of a car. Not know what to do they kept walking. The car revved its engine; it seemed to echo all around them. That was the last thing that Mike remembered. The smell of the gasoline fumes and the bumps of the road awakened Mike from his sleep. What little light Mike could get from his cell phone he found Megan laying right next to him!


“Megan, wake up”
As he rolled Megan onto her side he can tell that she’s not breathing. Tears flowed out of mikes eyes.

“Who would do this?”
About 10 minutes later the car made a turn and came to a stretching stop
“Now’s my chance to get away, all I need to do is make it to the cover of the trees”
The trunk flew open. Mike didn’t move. For the face he was looking at was a face he saw every day. His best friend Jon stood in front of him.

“Jon, I’m so happy to see you, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me tonight.”

“Shut up Mike!!!”

“Jon, why are you doing this?”

“You toss me aside everything Megan called, it’s like you would rather be with her.”


“Stop talking, I have had enough. You going to feel the pain that I felt.”

Jon grabbed Mike out of the trunk and started dragging him over to a tree. Once Jon had gotten Mike over to the tree, Jon grabbed a rope and tied it around Mike’s neck. Jon through the rope over a branch high in the tree and walked over to his car and tied it the bumper and started his car.

Screaming, Mike sat straight up in bed covered in a cold sweat. Everything was quite the birds were peeping outside his bedroom window in the morning light. That’s when he heard a sound that sounded like he had heard it somewhere. Mike got out of bed and walked over to this window and that’s when he saw it. The black Dodge Viper from his dream.

The crime scene was covered in Mike’s blood. But in the middle of it all hung Mike’s stiff body hanging from the ceiling. Neighbors recalled seeing a black car sitting out in front of his house. They said that it was there for about 30 minutes, and then the man got back into his car and sped away. Mikes friend Megan was the person who found him. She said that they had plans to go out for breakfast and he never showed up.

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