Home Sweet Home

October 23, 2008
By Mel King, Kalispell, MT

Going home for the weekend was what Michelle looked forward to this particular evening. Michelle arrived home and prepared a delicious fettuccini alfredo dinner along with toasty garlic bread. Awaiting the arrival of her husband, Michelle set the mood and lit candles that smelled of warm sugar harvest. Dave soon arrived, relaxing and enjoying the excellent dinner with his one and only gorgeous wife. After packing for the two week vacation back home in the Bahamas, Michelle and Dave left their snug cottage and soon were on their way to the airport.

Backing out of the driveway, Michelle commented on the monstrous storm heading their way. She snuggled into her seat with the small blanket she brought for comfort. Soon, rain poured from the sky as if the clouds were flooding. The rain clouds appeared to be in a hurry, almost as if they were going to be late for a wedding, or were behind on schedule.

“Dave, can you believe how ridiculous this storm is? The weather around here can be so unpredictable, sunny one minute, rain and thunder storms the next.”

“I know you’re not exactly used to this kind of weather Michelle, but just look forward to having fun at home. Seeing your family, friends, come on it’s practically a dream.”

“Yeah I guess…”
The car rounded a sharp windy corner near the base of the mountain to find a car with its hazard lights flashing.

“Should we stop?”

“We got a half an hour.”
Pulling in behind the lime green ford explorer, Dave motioned to the driver, who appeared to be taking a driving break.
“Out for a stretch?”
“Yeah,” the broad shouldered man said. The words the man spoke pierced Dave as if he were a cold, cold man.
“Where ya headed out here in the middle of nowhere? Especially on a day like this?”
“Just lookin’ at some real estate, I’m not from here.”
“Mmm hmm, have any places in particular?”
By this time, both men were drenched in rain, provided by the nasty gray clouds.
“Huh, well have yourself a nice day.”
“Thanks man, you do the same.”
“Will do.”
Dave and Michelle continued on their way to the airport, but before getting on the highway, saw yet another vehicle with their hazard lights flashing.
“Well my golly,” Dave shouted, “Something’s not right here.”
Impossible as it seemed, the same car appeared before them.
Michelle uneasily grasped her blanket, and pushed down the lock on her door as Dave hesitantly reached for the door handle.
SMASH! Glass shattered through the back seat as a baseball bat nearly missed Michelle’s head. Rain trickled over the two as Dave tried backing up. But there had been something there. A massive semi truck was parked behind them! Again and again the baseball bat crashed through the window, each strike blasting more glass and damaging the two door civic more and more. All that was on their mind was survival. Michelle reached for the shifter as Dave pressed the brake and proceeded to the gas. The blows stopped.
“Where’d he go?!?”
“I don’t know, but I didn’t feel as if we ran anything over.”
“Let’s just get out of here, NOW, NOW GO!”
A loud ringing explosion rang through the forest’s ears as the lime green explorer went up in flames.

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