The Phone Call

October 23, 2008
By Michael Betts, Kalispell, MT

Chris and Cody were driving home one night after a party at their friend’s house. The party was only a couple hundred miles from the place they were staying at. The highway they originally came down was closed for construction so they had to go the long way down the only highway. At 12:00 Chris’s cell phone rang.

“Hello.” Chris answered.

“I’m coming for you!” A voice said before hanging up.

“Who was that Chris?” Cody asked.

“Nobody.” Chris answered.

They continue driving until about 12:30 when Chris’s cell phone rings again.

“It’s almost time!” The voice says before hanging up

“Who was is Chris!” Cody demands.

“Some guy trying to scare me, that’s all.” Chris replies.

They continue driving uninterrupted for about an hour. The cell phone rings again at 1:30. Chris, startled, swerves all over the road then pulls over and answers the phone.

“I’m almost there!” The voice says laughing, then hanging up.

Chris and Cody, both terrified, wait on the side of the road by the abandon hospital.

“I’m tired of this!” Chris says.

Chris calls the operator and complains. The operator tells Chris that the next time the man call that the operator will track the number. Chris waits until about 2:00 when his cell phone rings.

“I’m very close now!” The voice says hysterically before hanging up the phone.

Chris calls the operator back almost immediately after the voice hung up. The operator tracked the number and calls Chris back.

“The caller is calling from a cell phone off the old highway, next to the abandoned hospital.”

Chris terrified even more screams and gets back in the car and begins to drive as fast as he can away from the hospital. At about 3:00 Chris’s phone rings again.

“I’m here!” The voice Screams laughing uncontrollably until hanging up.

Chris, scared to death, Speeds up till he is about 55 miles from their apartment. Cody is screaming at him to calm down. Chris is too scared to listen. Then his phone rings. Chris losses control of the car crashing into a ditch and rolling the car several times.

Four days later the police find Chris’s GMC 250 on the side of the road with his body dead inside. Cody survived and was taken to a hospital nearby. After the body was removed, the police find Chris’s cell phone with a message left on the voice mail. They play the message.

“I gotcha!” The voice says laughing hysterically until hanging up.

About a week later Cody fully recovered, Attends Chris’s funeral. Afterwards Chris’s parents approach him and hand him the cell phone.

“We can’t keep this; it hurts too much knowing this is what killed him. You take it.” Chris’s mother says crying.

Just as soon as the cell phone touched Cody hand it begins ringing. Hesitantly Cody answers the phone.

“I’m coming for you next!” the voice says in a low creaky voice.

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