If Walls Could Talk...

October 22, 2008
By Leslie Tisdale, Corpus Christi, TX

I see you, I watch your every move, but don’t be too flattered, I can’t help it. It’s hilarious how you think you’re so alone, but trust me you aren’t. Yes, I know about your trivial phone calls with Becky and your secret obsession with Eva Longoria. I also know about that magazine collection of yours under the mattress, you must be so embarrassed! By the way, while I’ve got you here, quit putting holes in me, no one cares about how much you like Avenged Sevenfold or the old Baywatch girls, don’t post them over me. They don’t matter and truthfully, neither do you.

You might say I’m bitter or angry but at least I have accepted the truth. You leave a dusty Bible that has never been opened on the highest shelf, yet you claim to be saved. Yes, I hear your selfish prayers at night for worldly things you don’t truly require. Let me ask you a question, where’s my God? When I am destroyed, will my pieces ascend to Heaven or will I be scattered with the wind to watch human kind annihilate itself?

Listen--I was here before you and I’ll be here after you, yet I’m not even known. I’m a support, a beam that shelters you everyday and you’ll never notice how essential I am to your very being. One day I’ll fade and crumble and forever disappear just like the way you’ll break down one system at a time and die.

Guess what? We truly are one in the same. As we both reach decay, we will never be remembered in the long run.

What’s ironic is that I can talk, we all can, but you humans are possibly the most ignorant beings. I guess it’s for the better that we remain silent.

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