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Cat and Mouse

October 21, 2008
By Luci herrera, Henderson, NV

Yea, Im all about revenge. Im all out winning. And Im all about being the best. Everytime you try to beat me, your wasting your time. Ive already gotten to the finish line. Just stop. Stop trying to run me down. Stop trying to act like you've got this in the bag. You dont.

You call yourself the "master manipulator." But who was the one who turned everyone against you? Now Im not going to vocally take the credit. But just take a wild guess. Im not so innocent. I call the shots. I just do it in an incognito way. A way that you-----or no one else for that matter, can see. Im not saying this to scare you, but chose your friends wisely.

People like you think your smart. Just until someone like me, spots their prey. You are my quarry. I am the hunter. And by befriending me, and by screwing me over, you have just shot yourself in the foot.

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