October 21, 2008
By Abby Withrop, Statesville, NC

What do you mean you don’t believe in Santa Meg shouted shhh one of the teachers might hear you and come over and do some kind of counseling session or something Sheila explained. You need it Meg mumbled .I do not need to talk to a counselor because Santa is a fake that’s not my problem that’s your’s. I don’t have a problem Meg shouted as the bell rang for the last time before Christmas break. You are the one with the problem Meg said with a sort of sadness in her voice .Let’s just drop it ok? Ok Meg said cheerfully . Hey lets go on a journey my mom won’t be home for another hour meg announced .ok answered Sheila but we have to make it short because I am freezing I am surprised I don’t have icicles hanging from my nose said Sheila . Ok Meg said we can make it short . Good Sheila replied . Let’s go near Mr. Kermit’s house you mean Kermit the hermit? Yeah, giggled Meg . I hope he doesn’t see us. He won’t say Meg we won’t go to his hou se just toward it . Okie dokie said Sheila .you know what Meg ? What ? I like living in Alaska because you are sure to get a white Christmas every year .that is true replied Meg. As they climbed further up the mountain Meg saw Mr. Kermit’s house should we run past Sheila asked Meg I think so replied Meg . 1…2…3…RUN!!!!!!! Meg screamed at the top of her lungs not caring if the old hermit had heard her . Keep going until you reach the pole at the top of the mountain said Sheila ! Ok Meg yelled . Race you there . the girls ran and ran until they reached the top of the mountain .That was fun the girls said together .now we can slide down said Sheila we could said meg but then we would have to climb back up and I don’t know if I can do that. I would be really cold who cares said Sheila it would be tons of fun . Yeah you are right Meg agreed and the girls slid down the mountain until they came to a sliding stop . Hey look at that pole we met at Sheila said if I believed in Santa that would look a lot like the North Pole . But I don’t so it doesn’t she said almost as if she wished that she believed in Santa . You are right it does look a lot like the North Pole and look at that little village behind us it could be Santa’s workshop. Shrieked Meg in excitement. Yeah right said Sheila ! I say we go down there and look for Santa exclaimed Meg starting down the hill ! I told you there is noooooooo suuuuuuuuuuuch thing as Santa! Yes there is and I’ll prove it to you !shouted Meg . Wait for me said Sheila I’m coming with you !! As Meg got down to the end of the hill she screamed to Sheila there it is there’s Santa’s village !!! Sheila could not believe her eyes there was Santa right in front of her very eyes !Santa Sheila whispered but not Meg! Meg screamed SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And started running right from there ! As Sheila got closer she began to realize that Santa was looking a lot like Kermit the hermit but still a lot like Santa with his red hat his red suit everything looked like Santa could it be that Kermit the hermit was actually Santa ??? Meg still running started noticing too because when she got up to that old man she said Santa? The old man looked back at her and said hello Meg! Now to some of you this may not prove it to you but Meg never met Kermit in her life just heard stories ! So this finally proved it to Sheila and Sheila ran over to him and started hugging him ! Finally Sheila believed in Santa ! And Meg said told you so all the way home!

The author's comments:
This may be a little early but I think it will be fine .This is my first story that I have ever written down .

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