One Last Step

October 21, 2008
By Elizabeth Tyndall, Nicholasville, KY

My breath came in shallow wisps as I stood with my back up against the wall. With every hair on my body on edge, I peaked around the corner. No one was in sight. Slowly, I made my way down the long twisting hallway, each step I took making a creak that was sure to wake the dead.

I came upon a room that had at least ten pieces of furniture covered in sheets. The sheets gave off an eerie glow against the dark of the night. I needed to hide. I searched the room looking for the smallest crevice I could fit into. I found an old piano and squeezed myself into the space below it, pulling the bench in after me to cover the open space.

My hands started to sweat as I heard the soft padding of feet along the hallway. It was obvious they were trying to go undetected, but I knew they were there. The footsteps slowed at the doorway, I shuddered. I could not be found. Just a few more seconds, minutes at the most and they would leave. I held my breath. I could not afford being found.

After two minutes, which felt like two years, the sound of footsteps died down the hallway. I finally allowed myself a full breath. I sat in the same position with my arms wrapped around my legs, waiting for my nerves to pass. Realizing my legs were falling asleep, I inched out of my hiding place. Standing, I stretched and looked around. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a miniature flashlight. I crept down the hallway keeping the light low. The beam of light illuminated a picture on the wall. I looked away from the painting for a new place to hide. When I glanced back to the painting, the eyes seemed to have followed me. My hands started sweating again.

I had been out in the hallway to long. I needed to find an enclosed area where I would be safe. Looking to my left, I saw a bathroom. Perfect. I cautiously entered the bathroom and flipped off my flashlight. I slipped into the bathtub and slowly pulled the shower curtain, closing off the view of the door.

Drip, drip, drip. My heart beat slowed to the rhythm of the leaking faucet. Now it was just a matter of waiting. Clump. I heard a noise. Clump, clump. Footsteps came nearer to the bathroom and paused at the entrance. They were no longer trying to hide their whereabouts. That could only mean one thing. They had found me.

My breath caught in my lungs and my pulse accelerated. I could almost feel a smile playing at the lips of whoever was out there. My body tensed and I held my breath. Before I even heard them move, fingers were wrapped around the shower curtain throwing it back. I sprung from the tub with such force that I knocked down my unknown attacker and only had to take three more steps to clear the bathroom door.

I bounded down the hallway looking wildly about for an exit. Behind me I heard the pounding of footsteps as they raced after me. The door came into view and I sped up. I used all my energy to make the last few yards to the door. Just a few more feet, one last step, and I would be free.

I screamed as I felt a blow to my shoulder, sending me head first into the door.

“Your it!” I heard as I pulled myself off the ground laughing, then barreled down the hallway to tag the next person.

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